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On A Mission:
Here's Why ...


irst, we'd like to thank you for visiting this site and staying long enough to explore what we have to offer.

Who are "we"? We're Mack Doppler and Nick Thomas, a couple of (sort of) normal guys who discovered a very strong urge to get women into bed after we each hit puberty.

“… we didn't settle for the "low-hanging fruit" that most other guys did …”

Of course, that's nothing new. Virtually all guys experience the same transformation when "coming of age". But we were more inquisitive than most men … and also doggedly persistent. With strong interests in science and business, we'd always been intrigued by how things worked. And so women became the ultimate challenge for us to figure out.

What sets us apart from regular guys is that we didn't settle for the "low-hanging fruit" that most other guys did.

You've no doubt heard the countless marriage jokes about how badly the sex and affection deteriorates over time. And that wasn't what we wanted -- we weren't willing to settle for the bare minimum and accept whatever scraps came our way.

Instead we went looking for mastery, repeatability and of course adventure! We saw what the best-looking guys were getting -- we wanted what they had.

And because we never stopped studying and never stopped learning, we succeeded in that challenge.

Now we're sharing our findings with you.

About Mack Doppler

Mack Doppler, Basic PLUS Author

Mack's parents in their infinite wisdom sent him to an all-male high school (and were hoping he would also attend an all-male college). They thought this would shelter him from "temptations of the flesh" and that he would emerge from the university ready to settle down, marry and have a family … all without going through "the wild years".

How wrong they were! (This was the same logic as prohibiting a child from riding a bicycle until adulthood to avoid the risk of an occasional skinned knee. It would be futile, since it's the practicing - and the occasional skinned knee - that makes skilled bike riders, not the mere passage of time.)

Being stubborn, and now of age, Mack enrolled in a large co-ed university as a man on a mission. He had a lot of lost time to make up for and he got right to it.

Being only average in looks and having no game at the time, he struggled mightily at first. As long as he followed the (well-meaning) advice of friends and family, he got nowhere with women.

“… as you can imagine, that very enjoyable experience showed him a very different side of women that no one had ever told him about when he was growing up …”

But en route to earning degrees in Psychology and Business, he took a year off to work on the lighting for rock concerts in California and got his first taste (and quite a few additional servings) of "groupie sex". As you can imagine, that very enjoyable experience showed him a very different side of women that no one had ever told him about when he was growing up.

It also broadened his thinking about women -- including what they'll do under the right circumstances.

And he ran across three other concepts in his university studies that also helped point the way toward a new approach:

  • The beta hypothesis ("To get the opposite response, try the opposite stimulus")
  • Modeling behavior ("Find someone who is getting the results that you'd like to get and then pattern your approach after theirs")
  • The importance of theory ("Contrary facts won't drive out an ineffective theory … for that you need a better theory")

Like so many other guys just learning about women, Mack was initially the classic "nice guy" and he struck out consistently. Women cried on his shoulder about the jerks they were sleeping with but they always went back to the jerks. Since it did indeed seem true that "Nice guys finish last", he applied the beta hypothesis by adopting the "jerk" role and he then started doing much better with women.

However, he didn't enjoy being a jerk … he liked the sex part (a lot!) but the rest of the package just wasn't his style. But over time he succeeded in identifying the specific nuances of the "jerk" role which accounted for the good results he was getting. He was able to fine-tune his approach and end up being a mostly nice guy who still got laid a lot.

By modeling the behavior of other guys who were successful with women, he was able to differentiate how much of their success came from good looks and how much came from technique. Guys who were good-looking often got good results even with lame techniques, but guys who looked only average (or below average) needed effective techniques. And as a result, he was able to pin down the techniques that work well even for an average guy.

Oddly enough, several of those very good-looking guys eventually came to Mack for dating advice when they ran into an impasse. They were so used to getting women just by showing up that they didn't know what to do when that didn't work. They never had to work for it before and so they were stumped when a woman did finally turn them down.

And for theories, Mack had started out with the "Golden Rule". Not the one about "He who has the gold makes the rules" … the one about "Do unto others as you would have them do to you". But that works a lot less well with women.

“… when it comes to dating, relating and mating, women do not think, feel and behave the same way men do …”

When it comes to dating, relating and mating, women do not think, feel and behave the same way men do.

But discovering that women are different from men that way explained only why he wasn't doing well following the "Golden Rule". It didn't give him a better theory. But eventually he found theories that work better: evolution (in general) and sociobiology (in particular).

Once he homed in on the fact that men and women each have different reproductive strategies and what those reproductive strategies are, the pieces all began to fall into place. From that point on, many years of practice and a large amount of further research helped him refine those theories and tactics to the point where he now has no difficulty getting women.

Since that point, he's been able to help many friends, acquaintances and even strangers improve their results dramatically as well.

About Nick Thomas

Unlike Mack, Nick wasn't sent to an all-boys school during his high school years. But there were a few times when he wished he had been, so great was his frustration at dealing with the opposite sex.

After all, parents and friends were no help at all. Mom in particular insisted that he should look for a stereotypical good girl ("Probably a librarian would be nice, dear!") and settle for the most boring, least interesting prospect available. Good grief ...

Books and movies weren't much better as sources of wisdom, as the tactics used to "get the girl" turned out to be pretty much the exact wrong advice in real life.

“… girls are not quite the fairy tale princesses they're depicted to be in stories …”

In fact, it took awhile for Nick to come to the disappointing realization that girls were not quite the fairy tale princesses they're depicted to be in stories.

It turned out that the biggest "fantasy" part of fiction was the concept of noble, loyal female characters who loved men "only for themselves" while "living happily ever after" in perpetual bliss.

Fortunately, Nick didn't get bitter over this discovery. In fact, he became significantly calmer once he realized the truth about women. To this day, one of his favorite mottos is:

"The real test of being a man is still loving women even once you know what they're really like!"

And Nick didn't go for a librarian, strangely enough. If the fairy tale princesses didn't exist, why not go for the next best (and far more exciting) thing: bad girls!

To the eternal consternation of dear old Mom, Nick began focusing his efforts and attention on the girls he'd never consider bringing home for a quiet formal dinner. Strippers, exotic dancers, femme fatales, you name it ...

Aside from learning a whole lot about prima donnas, female psychotic jealousy, guiltless disloyalty on the part of women, and self-destructive feminine behavior traits (not to mention some great sex too!), Nick came to a second profound realization:

The so-called "bad" girls really weren't all that different from the so-called "good" girls. One group just had a better Public Relations department than the other.

“… every "bad" girl has a good one in her, and vice versa …”

Everything was all shades of gray, not black and white as he'd earlier believed. Every "bad" girl had a good one in her, and vice versa. They were two halves of the same coin. What worked for one group also worked for the other.

This insight, combined with university studies centered on Biology (including classes on genetics and evolution), helped Nick begin to piece together the puzzle just as Mack had been doing independently.

Female behavior that had once flustered and depressed him was now crystal clear. Not only the "what" but also the "how" and especially the "why".

And at that point, Nick crossed paths with Mack while traveling abroad thanks to a mutual friend.

Our Collaboration

Since that fortuitous meeting, we've worked together for the past decade and bring an exotic mix of talents to this website.

Though not father and son, we're roughly one generation apart in age and we've each lived in several countries and traveled through many more.

As a result, we've seen how dating, relating and mating have evolved over time and at different ages, stages and eras, and also how several different cultures approach these aspects of life.

By noting similarities and differences in how women and romance operate around the world and over time, we've each been able to fine-tune our understanding of the extent to which women are responding to biological imperatives (which are hard-wired in) and the extent to which they're merely responding to cultural imperatives (which can change over time and do change when you travel overseas).

“… if only I knew then what I know now … how much different (and better!) my life could have been! …”

It's common for men who have finally figured out women and romance to reminisce back to the struggles of their earlier days and think: "If only I knew then what I know now … how much different (and better!) my life could have been!"

But of course, none of us gets to go back in time for a "do over". However, some guys do the next best thing and mentor those who are younger and less skilled. There's a good feeling that comes with helping others to avoid life's (and love's) figurative land mines ... and we enjoy this immensely!

Perhaps we can do the same for you?


-- Mack Doppler and Nick Thomas

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