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By Learning The Powerful Secrets
Of How To Attract Women
Romantically And Sexually


ou’re not expecting a rock star lifestyle with endless nubile teenagers parading through your bedroom, but you’re sure you can do better than you are now … right?

The trouble is, most dating advice is aimed at helping women, not men. This includes products that falsely claim to be on your side.

In contrast, we start you on the right foot immediately.

You’ll get the results you want much faster than you believed possible.

Here’s how:

Because our material is based on reality and not wishful thinking, behavior that previously baffled and frustrated you will be easy to understand.

You’ll know what motivates women and compels them to act in certain ways.

The end result is that ...

You’ll be in charge, not her.

So let’s discuss a few key concepts in dating and relationships from a male perspective.

“How to get women interested in
finding out more about you”

It may seem like “Mission Impossible” at times, but it’s actually quite easy to get her interested in finding out more about you.

You can make yourself more attractive to women by skillfully applying the power of mystery. Once we show you how, you’ll be more patient -- and at the same time more appealing! -- by understanding how to make time and female indecision work in your favor.

In fact, it’s safe to say that you’ll enjoy far more genuine female attention than ever before.

And as a bonus ...

You’ll simultaneously avoid the “worst sin in dating” which all women find unforgivable.

“Why looks and wealth
aren’t everything when it
comes to dating women”

We can show you why looks and wealth aren’t all-important … and how you can take advantage of this potent loophole. You’ll quickly understand:

  • How to exploit evolutionary shortcuts programmed into female genes
  • How to stress desirable male traits other than looks and wealth when meeting women, and therefore
  • How to skillfully tap into the intense female interest in men to your full advantage

You’ll instantly improve your dating prospects, and what’s more, you’ll know how to successfully date more dazzling women than you can right now.

And did you know that ...

“Women have to lie to men …
believe it or not”

You can’t learn the hidden motives behind female lies too quickly.

After all, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be one of the relationship issues that really angers you, right?

However ...

Once you discover why women have to lie to men, your frustration with female dishonesty will promptly ebb away.

You’ll appreciate the way women really are without feeling depressed that they aren’t fairy tale princesses after all.

What does this mean for you?

You’ll be a much happier person, and this automatically makes you a far more attractive prospect for the women you meet.

And best of all, you’ll be one step ahead of her -- and many, many steps ahead of your male competitors -- by understanding when and why she stretches the truth.

You’ll be in control of any situation where she’s been less than truthful to you.

“Improve your dating success
with lessons from soap operas
and romance novels”

If you’re like most men, you hate soap operas and romance novels (and boy bands too, we’ll wager).

But they can be valuable learning tools and we’ll show you our most confidential insights into what they can teach you about female behavior and instinctive interests. You’ll ...

  • Understand how to make the common denominator in romance stories work for you
  • Realize how to use "female fantasy" to your advantage
  • Identify the roles she wants you to play

And you’ll seize upon the irresistible behaviors you must apply to maintain that magic spark with her.

The result?

You’ll quickly find that women will become far more intrigued and interested in getting to know you better. You’ll confidently seize the moment and take encounters where you want them to go.

“Should ‘games’ feature
prominently in your dating and
relationship strategies?”

Whether you like them or not, games are a key part of dating and relationships. Most men hate this, but once you realize that games can’t be avoided, you’ll enjoy a tremendous advantage over your male competitors.

In fact, you’ll quickly appreciate how and why game-playing enhances dating and how you can skillfully improve your own “game”.

For example, here’s something you probably didn’t know. You can ...

Avoid being manipulated by applying auction theory to dating.

What do auctions have to do with dating?

Everything, once you understand the “Winner’s Curse” and how to apply auction theory to the dating and mating game. You’ll quickly discover how to get the upper hand in a ‘dating auction’ -- even though you probably have no idea what one is right now!

And once armed with our 7 Rules of “Auction Success”, you’ll turn each auction situation to your advantage when she tries to stimulate a ‘bidding market’ for her attention.

You won’t be left holding the bag like your less knowledgeable competitors.

You’ll emerge victorious by either winning her favor or quickly avoiding prospects who aren’t worth your valuable time.

“Are women really much
harder to please when
picking partners?”

Another mystery that most men never unravel is why women are so much harder to please when picking a partner. Most men are flat-out wrong on this one! But we’ll show you:

  • Why it’s a losing strategy to ask her what she’s looking for in a man (and then being that person)
  • What criteria she really evaluates, not just the ones she says she wants, and
  • How to position yourself favorably as the man she’s been seeking, exactly like a skilled salesman

Once armed with this proven secret, your results can only improve … even with women who play hard to get and give you only vague hints.

“How women use ‘social proof’
to decide if you’re
a good prospect”

Women use “social proof” to decide if you’re a good prospect. Most men completely fail to understand this and don’t even know when and how they’re being judged.

We’ll show you how she tests you in the early stages and why most men fail “The Test”.

Yes, that’s right:

Most men fail “The Test” and never figure out why, even after dozens of failures!

But once you know the cues and triggers to watch for, you’ll foil her clever attempts to “flush you out”. And you’ll learn how to behave like a man who’s in demand -- which is exactly what she’s looking for.

“Women are prone to stray …
and how you can turn this
to your advantage”

Once you know why men and women have been genetically designed to stray, you’ll be able to turn this amazing secret to your advantage. You’ll …

  • Understand the hidden reasons why she behaves the way she does in response to certain questions, pressures and situations
  • Be much more assured when approaching women and relating to them, and
  • Start enjoying the ‘dating and relationships’ aspect of your life more than you are now

You’ll be amazed at just how many doors this one tactic will open for you!

“Why you must avoid
utilitarian relationships
with women”

No one likes being used. But you can gracefully avoid utilitarian relationships even though women try constantly to exploit you and get what they want from you.

  • Don’t let these time-wasters get started by learning how to respond to the “let’s just be friends” speech
  • Avoid being broken like a beast of burden for her benefit, and
  • Erect a fail-safe coat of armor against the “all take and no give” relationships that leave you feeling resentful and browbeaten

You’ll even avoid the heartache when she cries on your shoulder about the jerk in her life … and then goes back to him “because you’re too nice.”

Your life will soon be free of “empty relationship clutter” that adds nothing to your enjoyment and happiness.

“What car salesmen
can teach you about
‘closing the deal’
with women”

Car salesmen aren’t always well thought of by most people.

But many of them are highly skilled salespeople and they employ many key techniques that will help you to “close the deal” with women. We’ll show you how to ...

  • Negotiate more effectively with a detailed, step-by-step comparison between buying cars and networking with women
  • Avoid wasting your time with a tire-kicker or a manipulator. You’ll maintain the upper hand despite any deceptive practices or misleading statements she tries to use against you
  • Recognize when she’s using you to get access to another man, including what it really means when she’s being totally honest with you

Heck, you might even get a better deal on your next car purchase once we give you an inside look at the tactics used by some car salesmen and most women!

“How and why women
try to change you
once you’re caught”

You might want a relationship. Or maybe not.

Most men are suspicious of the underlying reasons she’s applying pressure, but very few guys truly comprehend how and why she’s trying to corral you and then change you once you’re boxed in.

But why put up with that?

Become one of the select few once you understand:

  • Which hidden pitfalls you may have plunged into due to incorrect assumptions
  • How to respond effectively to her “fear of commitment” accusation
  • How to avoid the trap of a miserable situation you don’t really want
  • How to quickly identify the “good cop, bad cop” routine and how she uses it to manipulate you, and
  • Which strategies work best to resist any future pressure she tries to exert

You’ll be able to live your life the way you want it.

“Why you simply must
avoid or extract yourself
from destructively

If you’ve been in one, you’ll know all about the agony of destructively addictive relationships.

We’ll show you how to identify, avoid and if necessary extract yourself from one of the worst dating and relationship crises you can possibly experience.

With our checklist of red-light warning sirens, you’ll save yourself untold amounts of grief once you recognize the danger signs.

This includes relationships where she’s the one who’s addicted to you!

  • You’ll be rescued from short-term crises and protected against “recuperation trauma” as well
  • You’ll also be spared the risk of ‘relapses’ where you mistakenly run back into the burning barn and suffer even more pain and stress

In fact ...

  • You’ll be permanently cured of your destructive addiction to her and able to move ahead in life with minimal psychological and financial scarring

“Is your partner beginning
to lose interest in you?”

Even good relationships don’t often last forever, as you know all too well. You’ll recognize the warning signs before she will when we show you:

  • How to know when she’s losing interest in staying with you
  • The true reasons why passion grows stale over time, and
  • When to repair a relationship and when to replace it

By knowing when not to try salvaging a sinking Titanic, you’ll avoid a great deal of self-inflicted anguish. And you’ll be emotionally free to move on to the next phase -- and next woman -- in your life without bitterness or lingering regrets.

“Why male bargaining power
increases with age”

If you’re newly single again, you’ll learn why male bargaining power increases with age and how to take advantage of a phenomenon most men overlook.

We can easily prove how age enhances your desirability to many women.

Not only will you feel better about yourself if you currently feel “old”, but your pool of available dating prospects will dramatically increase once you learn this little secret.

Confidence is everything and this is just one of the many “Easter eggs” we use to bolster your strengths in the self-assurance area.

Before you know it, you’ll be far more attractive when approaching women of any age, especially the younger ladies you earlier thought were out of your league.

“How communication can
make or break your dating and
relationship prospects”

You probably know a few of the differences between male and female communication styles and conduct.

But we’ll reveal:

  • How she processes information and feelings differently than you do
  • How to encourage her to express her true feelings, even when she won’t admit there’s a problem (does that sound familiar?)
  • Why your conversations are like blood samples and what they reveal about you
  • How to stop sabotaging your dating efforts with the wrong approaches, and
  • Why offering empathy works better than offering solutions when she finally does discuss her problems

Men are naturally poor listeners, unfortunately.

You need to understand why this happens and why you need to re-think your approach when listening to women.

We’ll show you a simple three-step process to listening effectively. We’ll also teach you what not to say when being a good listener.

You’ll even learn ...

  • Why you shouldn’t agree too enthusiastically when she’s determined to make a point
  • How to master the art of listening effectively to female “chatter”, including the reason (and motivation) as to why it’s so important
  • How to navigate effortlessly past the communication barriers that defeat and frustrate most men

You’ll no longer feel confused or angry when she says things that were previously unfathomable. And you’ll immediately see a positive difference in the way you’re perceived by the attractive women you meet.

“How to improve all aspects
of your communication skills”

We’ll teach you a complete suite of communication secrets that you will deliver remarkable results as you interact with women in all areas of your life. You’ll discover:

  • The two main topics of conversation she’ll initiate and how to deal effectively with each one
  • The two magic words that will cover her feelings 90% of the time, even when she doesn’t know what she’s really feeling
  • When to apologize and when not to -- the 4 possible scenarios
  • Why women crave compliments and why not to hand them out too often, and
  • How to avoid showing your ‘sensitive side’ and telling her about your problems at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons

You’ll always have an effective response in place no matter what turn the conversation takes. And you’ll no longer fear getting into spirited debates with her, either!

That’s because you’ll become an enchanting debate partner and therefore more deserving of her undivided attention.

“How to defuse unnecessary arguments
and manage the arguments
that need to happen”

Debates can become arguments if you’re not careful. But there are times that arguments must happen during the course of a relationship, or else she’ll lose interest in you.

We’ll show you when to apply any of 3 magic phrases which will calm her down when she’s being unreasonable. You’ll ...

  • Discover how to get her talking about her problems rather than your faults
  • Handle unjustified accusations effectively, and
  • Skillfully deflect the worst of what could have happened to feel far better about her and yourself too

In fact, you’ll avoid virtually all the negative tension that plagues many relationships by recognizing and neutralizing it at the earliest possible stage.

“Why you should develop
your public speaking
and acting skills”

It’s no secret that politicians and other authority figures have a magnetic effect on women. Actors -- and other artists -- are also highly sought after.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll become President or a big star in a major Hollywood film, but we can show you how to become more confident and assured in any situation by developing key skills in these areas.

You’ll be ...

  • Role-playing more effectively when circumstances demand
  • Assuming a leadership position on a moment’s notice, and
  • Perceived as a more entertaining and engaging conversation partner

In short, you’ll significantly improve your status amongst women who previously found you boring and less distinctive than your more charming competitors.

“Speak powerfully and
mimic the way that
powerful men behave”

True leaders speak differently than the average camp follower. If you’re too timid to make your opinions known to women, you need to understand:

  • The impact of the single most powerful word in the English language, including why and how often you must use it when dating
  • How to immediately convince others that you are successful and confident by using one of 4 power responses,
  • When to speak directly and when to use qualifier phrases instead
  • Why you can’t ‘beat around the bush’ when asking for dates, and
  • How to handle rejection and “ask for the sale” at the right time

You’ll quickly project an aura of real confidence that previously eluded you. And it won’t just be an act!

“Why you should consider
using ‘female logic’ when
conversing with women”

We provide you with a clear definition of female logic as well as how she uses it to gain an edge. (They really do have their own “logic system” -- even if it seems incomprehensible to you right now!)

This one trick will save you endless frustration when negotiating with women who always seem to get the best of you.

  • You won’t get cornered into making guarantees or commitments you don’t really want to make
  • You’ll enjoy more freedom with the ‘wiggle room’ you’ll be able to create for yourself, and
  • You’ll feel a lot less oppressed and unhappy now and in the future

“Why not to take
angry verbal revenge
when you’ve been
wronged by a woman”

Most men are enraged when they feel they’ve been betrayed by a special woman in their life.

Perhaps you’ve called her up to tell her exactly how you felt about it? If so, you made a key mistake if you wanted to show her the error of her ways.

We’ll teach you far more effective tactics to gain the upper hand the next time you cross paths.

  • Understand how to deflate her ego when you’re absolutely, positively determined to avenge what she’s done to wound you
  • Know what to say (and what not to say) if she phones you after you’ve broken up
  • Learn what to do if you bump into each other in person following a breakup, and even
  • Avoid the trap she’ll spring to salvage her bruised ego (and hammer yours into the ground while she’s at it)

In fact, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the two key rewards of turning down an ex-girlfriend or wife who’s treated you badly in the past.

You’ll be a better man -- and less of a doormat -- and you’ll never feel victimized by women again.

“How to identify your
ideal woman
and how to catch her”

You might think you know your ideal woman. It’s {insert the name of your favorite famous model or movie star here}, right?

But maybe not.

Once we help you identify the traits you consider most important in the women you’d like to know better, the results will surprise you.

You’ll learn which female traits are truly the most essential and which are actually negative even though you think otherwise right now. You’ll understand what realistic combination of traits is worthwhile.

This means you won’t waste your time pursuing impossible fantasies that leave you perpetually disappointed.

And that’s not all:

We’re not in any way suggesting that you have to be content with the ‘bottom of the barrel’.

In fact, we’re confident your new tactics will help you snare women closer to the top end of the scale once you have a clear (and very attractive!) target in mind.

“How to immediately make yourself
more interesting to women”

A simple lifestyle change in any of 4 separate areas is well within your reach. We’ll show you learn how to make the most of those aspects of your life and appearance which you can actually change.

  • You won’t waste time wringing your hands over the impossible, and you’ll be focused on practical change and how to achieve it
  • You’ll understand how to delete old, ineffective behaviors and replace them with new, more rewarding behaviors
  • You’ll actually make the changes happen instead of dreaming about them (that’s because we ensure that you have a clear plan to ensure you’ll get there)

You will make a better life for yourself if you let us show you the way.

“Why the hottest women
aren’t the most faithful ones”

This isn’t so much a secret as a wake-up call for men who can’t yet appreciate the trade-offs between her looks and her attitude.

Did you know there’s a sweet spot you should be aiming for with a simple test?

You won’t waste time seeking a Holy Grail that simply doesn’t exist.

Instead, you’ll optimize your results by aiming directly for the women who offer the greatest “return on investment” for you.

And no, it’s not the “low hanging fruit” type of girl.

You’ll find the sweet spot very sweet indeed, once you target it.

“You can make jealousy
work for you
if you know how”

Jealousy isn’t always a bad thing.

In fact, we’ll teach you about both forms of female jealousy. One is good but the other is a nightmare, and you’ll learn how to harness ‘good jealousy’ and safely to attract favorable attention.

Trigger her competitive instincts as we suggest, and you’ll soon find yourself the object of desire.

There can be too much of a good thing, though: we’ll also show you how to temper that jealousy so that it doesn’t spin out of control and make you both miserable.

And here’s the best part: you’ll quickly find out why the highly motivated girls work the hardest to keep you happy.

“What to do after sex”

Most men are completely clueless on this one.

That’s why we explain in no uncertain terms what you owe a woman after sex (it’s less than you think it is). And you’ll know when it’s in your best interests to continue seeing the girl you’ve just spent the night with … and when it isn’t.

You’ll be able to avoid entangling, one-sided relationships you don’t really want.

And you’ll learn how not to be held hostage to any kind of guilt-induced blackmail she may try to impose on you.

Better yet, you’ll know when you’ve got the right girl who’s worth more of your time.

“How to avoid over-promising”

Women are highly skilled at getting you to commit to big promises you didn’t intend to make. To avoid this all-too-common fate, we’ll show you:

  • 13 handy phrases to avoid getting pinned into unwanted commitments over the phone or in person
  • The 4 handy exit strategies to use when going on blind dates
  • Why you need to use the “Bob and Weave” strategy as effectively as she does
  • How to perfect the Art of Waffling without seeming weak or indecisive
  • Why you must always have a 5-part exit strategy in mind when getting into a relationship, and
  • Which two questions you need to answer correctly to avoid sabotaging that exit strategy

You’ll maximize your adventure and minimize your risk by correctly balancing certainty and uncertainty in your dating life.

And that’s not all.

You’ll know when a steady state is best for you and when change is needed. You won’t be constantly bored, and you won’t feel overwhelmed by the curve balls that women will always throw at you.

“Why marriages today
are nothing like those in the past”

Death and taxes may not change, but the institution of marriage certainly has.

We’ll explain why you need to walk into any potentially matrimonial situation with great caution.

You’ll be fully aware of the upside and downside of marriage and you’ll be able to make the best judgment on logical, factual grounds.

The best part?

You’ll avoid making an overly hasty, emotion-based decision like most men. And you’ll be far more likely to avoid a disastrous marriage that could ruin your life.

“Why you must
let go of the past and
focus on the future”

We’ll show you how to let go of the past with our inspirational “Ghost of Christmas Future” technique. You won’t look at failed relationships and opportunities the same way again (in fact, we’ll show you why it’s often good to be careful what you wish for!) …

  • Quickly learn how to release any bitterness over broken relationships -- even the one that’s eating at you right now
  • Grasp why you need to focus on the upside of romance and dating and not the downside, and
  • Leave behind old fears

Before you know it, you’ll be appreciating life’s opportunities with enthusiasm again.

Amazingly enough, it’s possible to do this effortlessly with a casual visit to a busy mall! That’s the incredible power of the “Ghost of Christmas Future” technique.

“How to read
women skillfully”

A large percentage of men can read the body language of their pets better than they an read the women they meet.

You don’t have to remain one of them if you’re tired of making a fool out of yourself (or getting your heart broken over a mistaken level of interest).

That’s why we show you:

  • The 4 common mistakes you need to avoid
  • What a woman’s choice of dress and hairstyle can tell you long before you actually talk to her, and
  • Why not to take women’s facial expressions and emotional outbursts at face value

Not only will you avoid the embarrassment of misread hints, you’ll be quickly spending far more time with the women who send you the right signals.

“Do your own
personal makeover”

Makeovers aren’t just for women.

We’ll demonstrate how you can showcase your masculine credentials to best effect, including what needs to be changed and which aspects of your life and person are just fine as they are.

You’ll soon understand:

  • Why style sells and how it applies to your personal wardrobe and grooming using “the Goldilocks Strategy”
  • Why you should own a car under most circumstances – and how to maximize your advantages with it
  • Which useful accessories you should have in your household for maximum appeal and conversational value
  • What 5 kinds of pictures should be hanging on your walls or waiting in your photo albums (and which should be well hidden)
  • What to keep in your personal library and music/DVD collection, and even
  • How to make your home more woman-friendly and also “babe-proof” without giving her the impression that you might be gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

You’ll learn how to make the necessary improvements that will heighten her interest in you. And you’ll avoid turning her away with poor choices that indicate you’re not a good catch.

Here’s the best part: You can do all of this without spending a fortune and with less trouble than you think.

What’s more, we’re the last ones who would try to turn you into one of those “metrosexuals” you hear about in the mainstream media these days.

“Do you know how to
quickly overcome shyness?”

Shyness is often perceived as a massive barrier by many men.

You’ve probably had your confidence shaken more times than you’d like to admit, and you know it takes longer to win it back than to lose it.

We’ll get you started on the fastest route to concrete, unshakable confidence by teaching you:

  • How to emulate the way that confident people walk and carry themselves, and why it’s important for you to ‘fake it until you make it’
  • What ‘double couplets’ and ‘triple couplets’ are and why they’re so effective when initiating small talk
  • How to use the power of “Inoculation” to kick-start the process of overcoming extreme shyness, and
  • How to ensure that chance conversations actually get started (and on your terms)

You’ll even learn why women are more fearful in social situations than you are, and how to get them to quickly relax and accept you.

Your shyness will no longer present a problem.

Doors previously closed will now open for you. And you’ll be well on your way to a happier future with the women you didn’t dare approach until the ‘new and confident you’ emerged.

“The upside of demonstrating
acquired leadership”

So you’re not a natural leader. Few men are.

But we can show you 3 proven strategies for getting started as an authority figure and leader around women. It’s easier than you think, and it doesn’t require a large bank account or a genius IQ level.

What does this mean for you?

Even as a novice leader, you’ll rapidly supplement your ‘apparent’ confidence with true authority. And when women around you look for guidance and advice, you’ll be the answer they seek.

“Where to find available women
for best results”

Women can be found pretty much everywhere men are, but getting the best result takes some specialized hunting.

We’ll teach you what Casino Logic and the Law of Large Numbers are … why most men use them … and why you should normally avoid these strategies.

Let the other guys waste their time with the low-percentage bets!

  • Learn the best places to go looking for available women when they’re not expecting to get picked up (and when they’re at their most responsive)
  • Make scarcity work for you when prospecting for dates, and
  • Realize how and when to let the magic of social “chumming” do the work for you, one bite at a time

You’ll soon find yourself with far more dating prospects than you would have believed, and it’s unlikely that you’ll have to make a major lifestyle change to do it.

“Why the female friends
of your former partner
are fair game”

Men and women think very differently about the availability of their friends’ former partners.

You can turn this to your advantage once you understand the key difference between male and female perceptions of ‘off limits’ persons.

Here’s how:

The power of female referrals is exceptional. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised to discover the truth of the old cliché “new doors open when others close.”

Play your cards correctly, and you’ll soon find yourself with a highly motivated group of women competing to replace your former partner -- no matter how bitter the preceding breakup.

“How women try to
domesticate you … and why
you must always resist”

You simply must avoid being broken to the saddle without ruffling too many feathers in the process. After all, do you really want to be treated like a beast of burden who no longer excites her?

We didn’t think so!

You can avoid joining any friends suffering this fate (or start rescuing yourself today) by learning:

  • How and why to say “no” to unreasonable demands, including the demands she tries to pretend are totally justified
  • How to slyly fail miserably at unwanted responsibilities so you aren’t tasked with them again, and
  • The advantages and disadvantages of letting her alter your wardrobe (including when to give her a free hand and when to intervene and assert your independence)

Your newfound assertiveness will pay very pleasant dividends once you know how not to be a domesticated (and emasculated) household accessory.

“Create a believable
‘celebrity persona’”

This advanced technique can be a lot of fun for both you and her when you have the confidence to pull it off. We’ll show you:

  • How and why you should invent a new persona from time to time when meeting new women
  • The 5 steps to creating a believable ‘celebrity persona’ for entertainment purposes
  • Why lovable rogues do so well with women, and how you can emulate them even if you’re a “nice guy”
  • How and when to stretch the truth so that everyone wins, and
  • Why she’s unlikely to be angry if she catches on (it has a lot to do with the type of character we recommend inventing)

You’ll find that literally becoming ‘a new man’ can produce one heck of a payoff.

“Survive the first date”

You’ll no longer dread first dates.

We’ll show you what to do and what not to do so you can keep your ego intact and ensure there will be a next date if you want one. You’ll know:

  • What never to ask a woman on your first date(s)
  • How to answer the trick questions she’s guaranteed to ask you
  • Why movies don’t normally work well for first dates
  • What type of restaurants work the best (no, it’s not the most expensive ones)
  • When home cooking is your best option and why, including what easy-to-make foods you should learn to prepare well, and
  • Which ‘physical activity’ outdoor dates are the most cost-effective and most likely to spark an intimate result

Dates will quickly become exciting prospects. You’ll look forward to meeting new women and playing the game the way you always envisioned it should be played.

“When to offer
a ‘deluxe date’”

Contrary to popular belief, it’s usually a big mistake to spend too much money on a date. Most men make this error even though it turns off the most desirable women they meet.

Fix this problem and …

  • Save quite a bit of money while maximizing your ‘return on investment’
  • Enjoy the added benefit of weeding out the gold-diggers who only want your wallet
  • Learn which types of ‘deluxe dates’ work best when you decide it’s time to reward her

We’ll even teach you how to ensure that these dates remain special over time so the magic never dies.

“Raise your
‘Passion Quotient’”

We all want passionate women, of course. Frigid girls don’t appeal to anyone.

We’ll teach you how to maximize your chances of kindling passion as soon as possible, including ...

  • How to improve the appeal of your voice
  • How to be “firmly gentle” when touching her
  • Why learning massage can be a great route to her heart and what kind of massage will break the ice with her
  • How to use the rush of ‘controlled danger’ to your advantage
  • How to kiss for the most sensuous effect, and even
  • Why she’ll be interested in how you lost your virginity and what story is guaranteed to intrigue and stimulate her

And that’s not all: We’ll show you why you must insist on passion at an early stage in the dating game -- or else you’re wasting your valuable time.

With a bit of practice, you’ll become adept at ensuring she’s mentally and physically stimulated at just the right moment. And you’ll maintain her interest (and yours) for a much longer period of time.

“How and when to
broaden your horizons”

The world is more and more accessible these days. And so we’ll show you when and where to broaden your horizons for a more exciting and fulfilling love life.

You’ll learn about ...

  • “The Hawaii Effect” and why time works in your favor when you meet women on vacation or while living abroad
  • How to make the most of business trips. And if you become addicted to overseas women in other cultures, we’ll show you the cure. (That includes how to tailor your job opportunities to mesh with the best dating opportunities)
  • What to try if you’re trapped in a small town, including some very interesting and effective strategies for you to try

With a bit of travel under your belt, you’ll become a more worldly and wise man.

This will heighten your appeal to all women even if you ultimately remain a ‘stay at home’ guy.

“Why you need to
channel your anger in a
constructive and positive way”

If you’re angry at women right now, we’ll help you change your feelings in a constructive and positive way that will improve your life.

You’ll quickly understand why your old approaches aren’t working well, why our alternatives can only offer you better results, and how to become a confident, assertive individual who uses exactly the right amount of effort in any dating situation.

You don’t have to master every technique we teach to spectacularly enhance your success.

But even if you only try a few, we can virtually guarantee that you’ll understand how to let go of past hurts and move on in life.

In fact, we’ll show you how to enjoy the ride rather than just endure it.

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You really can significantly enhance your results with only a moderate skills boost.

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  • The Communication Manual (54 pages): Here’s where we teach you communications strategies that ensure you’ll confidently interact with even the most alluring women. You’ll learn exactly how to get the right message to (and from) desirable ladies. This is the second volume in our successful course.
  • The Study Guide (229 pages): We provide you with specific, day-to-day applications of the effective principles taught in the Theory Handbook and Communication Manual. In just 20 easy Lessons, you’ll learn how to capitalize on the groundwork we’ve laid out with straightforward examples and advice that have been proven to work exceptionally well.
  • 3 Final Exams (totaling 155 pages): We’ve even included a 3-part Final Exam for you to test your new knowledge.

You’ll be confident, you’ll be able to make effective contact with the women you want, and you’ll stand a dramatically-improved chance of achieving the conquest you’ve always dreamed about by the time you’re a full-fledged Program graduate.

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Dating and Relationship Advice For Men

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I just wanted to tell you guys how much sense your material made to me amongst a sea of confusion. I am an economist by training and your material was so logical, so well structured. Absolutely brilliant. Finally everything makes sense. Thank you so much, you’ve changed my life. Literally.

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I’m extremely fortunate to have found your site, and purchased your materials (before I’ve been “taken”) ... all for less than the price of a bottle of wine on any wine list in NYC! Your insights have been no less than brilliant and your reasoning right on the mark!

I sincerely believe your advice goes beyond helping the man/woman debacle ... but goes as far as how to be grounded in dealings (being successful) with people in general.

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I love your material ... I loved what you guys did. If you are ever in the Dallas area, we will have to meet and swap war stories, oh, and pick up women!

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“Your Insight Is Terrific ...”

I think your insight is terrific and so helpful. Thanks so much and I will get more feedback to you as I progress further into the program ... thanks for being so cool!

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