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Pick Up Lines
Don't Work Well:
Here's Why


ick up lines hurt your chances with attractive women. They can be funny but there are far better strategies you can use when picking up women.

But first, here's why they don't work. Pick up lines are:

  • Just like advertising
  • Clich├ęs, and also
  • Boring
pick up lines are just like spam
Pick up lines are
just like spam

And they put her on the immediate defensive because every time you use one you're "advertising" and that will cause her to tune out, no matter how sweet, romantic, cheesy, corny, or cute the line.

Let's face it: newspaper, radio, TV and Internet ads are nothing more than elaborate pick-up lines trying to grab your attention in the most commercial way possible.

How closely do you listen carefully to advertisements? How often? We bet you:

  • Toss out virtually all junk mail without even opening it
  • Hit the remote control the moment a TV ad begins
  • Hang up on telemarketing phone calls, and also
  • Use a pop-up blocker on your web browsers while ignoring blatant ads that show on your screen

So how interested will women be in your lines when you try them out? And how often?

That's right ... you'll experience dismal rejection rates. Women will almost always tune out when you use uncreative approaches.

Even if you've targeted your market well (by going where the sorts of women you like can be found), you need a better and more original approach. (We suggest what we call flirting lines instead.)

“… most women have heard the same pathetic come-ons so many times that they instinctively get their back up …”

Most women have heard the same pathetic come-ons so many times that they instinctively get their back up as soon as they hear your first syllable. They may not know what your specific pick up line will be, but they'll spot it as a pick-up line even before you open your mouth, just from the look in your eye.

Picking up women that way is similar to telemarketing. Every once in a while, you'll sell something.

But you'll also irritate many others for each one who responds favorably. If you've ever worked as a phone solicitor, you'll understand just how stressful that can be!

there's better bait than pick up lines
There's better bait
than pick up lines

Some men have mastered the art of attracting women by using a particular pickup line in a particular way, but there's a simple secret to this and we can't recommend it. Read about our take on the so-called best and good pick up lines and be sure to avoid the worst and stupidest lines too.

Instead, we suggest trying a better approach: Rather than you approaching lots of women, instead entice them to come to you.

How? By setting out some bait and letting lots of prospective partners have a chance to spot it. Not only will it avoid the problem of handling 100 strongly worded rejections for each acceptance, you'll be much more able to gauge the real interest in you with much less risk to your ego.

We'll show you more in the Flirting Tips For Men section of our site, including flirting lines and why they're a much more congenial approach.