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Stupid Pick Up Lines
Aren't Clever
(And Don't Work, Either!)


tupid pick up lines are a staple of comedies, jokes with your friends and (sadly) the dating scene in real life. The problem is, most people don't realize why virtually every line is in fact a dumb one.

Which is more interesting to you: A meatloaf or a steak? Use a lame line and you come across as meatloaf when trying to meet women.

And before you ask again about stupid pick up lines, yes ... we're pretty sure most women would prefer a good steak over meatloaf, especially when she meets meatloaf every time she goes out (and rarely gets propositioned by steak).

What's ironic is that most guys think they're standing out from the crowd or being "edgy" by using a corny, cheesy or sweet line. Instead, this approach only screams "Salesman!" at a prospective date or bedroom partner.

How do you react when a salesman accosts you in the mall or knocks on your door? Not very positively, right?

So rather than using endless stupid pick up lines -- and then slinking home by yourself with nothing but a wounded ego to show for it -- why not consider a different approach?

Once you understand what a woman is looking for when she's looking for a man, your results will improve dramatically.

Check out the advice in our Flirting Tips For Men section to learn how to start the process. You'll discover our methods to be far more interesting.