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Avoid The Common Mistakes
Made By Virtually All Men
Who Shop For Women …

And eliminate the things you hate
about gift shopping – forever!


ou’re probably aware of the obvious differences between shopping for men and shopping for women, but do you know the subtle psychological secrets behind these differences and why they work?

The DRAM Guide to Gift Giving provides you with all that and more. You’ll …

  • Avoid needless mistakes
  • Stop wasting money or time buying her the wrong kinds of gifts, and
  • Understand why the right gift will make her life better, happier and less stressful (and yours too!)

You’ll also say goodbye to the frustrating, tortuous ordeal you suffer every time you buy gifts now.

“Women have their own
money to buy presents, so
why does she need yours

First of all, you’ll learn why women place so much importance on receiving gifts from you -- even when she has more than enough money to buy everything she wants herself.

(It’s not what you think, and you’ll be astonished to discover who your gifts are really for.)

But once armed with this knowledge, you’ll …

  • Immediately understand her viewpoint and you’ll easily be able to satisfy her wants and needs
  • Know which “symbols” she values and which ones fly like a brick, and
  • Quickly harness her female competitiveness and romantic inclinations to work in your favor

Even better: You’ll be one step ahead of her when it comes to managing her relationship expectations.

That’s because once you understand the powerful symbolism behind the gifts you give ...

You’ll know how and when to direct your relationship where you want it to go.

“Hints and winks:
how women use reverse
psychology to solicit gifts”

We’ll show you how to recognize her hints, understand their importance and use them for maximum effect. You’ll read her signals and unravel her hidden aims – including why not to go for the obvious gift in the obvious way.

Have you ever ‘enjoyed’ her sulking after you followed her gift-buying instructions to the letter?

We’ll bet you have …

  • You’ll finally understand why she’s been so angry when you thought you did everything she wanted
  • Her gift-related tantrums and “moods” will become a thing of the past (you’ll have our “system” down pat)
  • In fact, you’ll even enjoy a long and successful gift-giving “career” for the rest of your life

“Learn to apply the
‘Payment for Performance’ principle
like the most confident of men”

And here’s another thing: you won’t be left cold by a new woman once you understand why most men buy gifts at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons.

Your gifts will no longer achieve the opposite effect of what you intended. In fact, you’ll clearly understand:

  • When and when not to buy gifts for her
  • How to use the ‘Principle of Moderation’ to your benefit
  • How to avoid being used as a walking ATM by a greedy woman who has no intention of returning your favors, and
  • How to prolong her interest and enthusiasm once you’ve decided she’s really worth it

Starting now, you’ll be saving yourself time and money that would otherwise have been wasted. And you’ll get much better results for your hard-earned cash!

“Why thought counts
more than money alone”

It seems counter-intuitive, but we’ll show you why your thoughts and efforts matter more than money when buying gifts.

Conventional wisdom says that ‘cash is king’, but conventional wisdom is wrong on this one!

Once you understand how your time is golden, you’ll be well on your way to knowing the right gift for any situation.

You’ll recognize:

  • The all-important difference between apparent effort and actual effort when finding “just the right gift” is critical to the woman in your life
  • How to spend a lot less money than you thought possible, and still leave a good impression
  • How to portray a cheap gift as a more expensive one when you want to score bonus points, and
  • The one thing to never do after buying a special gift – most men make this mistake and it damages their standing no matter what their intentions!

You’ll conserve your cash for the times when it really counts and not before. And both you and she will be much happier for it.

“Do you know which gifts
are better than others?”

You can’t learn too quickly why some gifts are better than others. We’ll teach you:

  • Why gift certificates and money are the worst gifts that you can give to women
  • The 11 kinds of bad gifts and why they’re a disaster for your dating or relationship prospects
  • The 5 kinds of good gifts and why she’ll be ecstatic when she receives them
  • The secret to maximizing the appeal of flowers and cards for special occasions, and
  • The psychology behind “romantic” gifts and why they work so well

Our powerful crash course on the best and worst gift choices will prepare you for any female gift-buying situation which life throws your way.

“Case Study:
Buying the perfect gift
and why it worked so well”

We’ll even provide you with a step-by-step case study using a proven real life example from our own dating history.

You’ll see for yourself how to hit a home run right out of the park.

And you’ll know how to keep on doing it whenever you want to enhance your dating and mating credentials. You’ll buy perfect gifts during any relationship for as long as you want it to last.

And the best part is that you’ll enjoy the benefits of a very passionate lady in your life.

“How to get the
Gift Guide today”

This exceptional 27 page special report (zipped PDF file) is yours for only $19.95 (immediate download). We’ll wager that you’ll more than make your money back the very first time you apply the unbeatable gift-buying principles we show you.

You can get the Guide by itself right here ...

“Enjoy peace of mind
with our ironclad guarantee”

We back up our DRAM Guide to Gift Giving with a problem-free guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with the Guide's unique insights, tactics, and strategies, our 60-day warranty guarantees your money back.

That makes your decision to buy the Guide totally without risk.

But here’s an even better offer:

You get the Guide for free when you order our 481 page Program for Dating and Relationships.

Eliminate your gift-buying headaches today at no extra cost and at no risk.

Cordially yours,

Nick Thomas and Mack Doppler

Dating and Relationship Advice For Men