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Best Pick Up Lines Secrets:
How To Improve
Your Pick Up Skills


n many dating sites, chatter about the best pick up lines can be a favorite conversation topic.

  • Should you be funny?
  • Should you be romantic or sweet?
  • Should you try a line you saw in a movie or find an obscure one from the Internet?

The answer to all these questions is no. The best pick up lines aren't actually pickup lines at all.

While some men have mastered the art of picking up women by using a particular line, we've found that in nearly all such cases, the man in question is also good-looking, famous, or wealthy (or even all three).

For guys like that, virtually any pick up line will work. That includes "Hello" or "How are you?"

But the chances are good that you're not one of those men. And therefore if you're a shy man (and afraid of rejection), we recommend against the usual advice you'll hear about walking up to strange women, uttering a so-called great pickup line, and then repeating the process a few hundred times until she actually says yes.

“… instead, we recommend an altogether different approach to meeting women …”

Due to the low-percentage success rate, you'll experience considerable rejection, give up long before you score and probably even end up more shy than when you started.

Unless you're a masochist, save that particular approach for some day when you've mastered women and are looking for greater challenges.

Instead, we recommend an altogether different approach to meeting women which will not only set you apart from the crowd, but also significantly improve your chances of impressing the lady of your choice.

Please refer to our Flirting Tips For Men section and forget about the myth that someone's best pick up lines will enable you to magically seduce new women and bend them to your will.