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Flirting Tips: What You
Can Learn From Hollywood


any guys look to the movies or television for flirting tips, since so many fictional flirtations seem to work very well on-screen.

However, looking to these sources for tips on flirting makes as much sense as a real life police department studying old NYPD Blue or Law and Order episodes to improve their success rate in catching the bad guys.

flirting tips to avoid rejection
Flirting tips to avoid
rejection like this

That's because the real world is largely unscripted, and so getting tips for flirting from show business scenes won't work nearly so well as on film. Not only will you be less handsome, famous and rich than virtually all male Hollywood stars, but the woman you're flirting with won't be obligated to follow any particular script.

It gets worse ...

Worse yet, many of the women you meet will have already seen the movie or TV show from which you're getting those flirting tips. She'll have heard that approach already, she'll know where it came from and the chances are good that several other guys will have already tried to chat her up by using the exact same show and scene to get their flirting tips.

So not only will it mark you as being unoriginal, getting flirting tips from the movies or television will be seen as being especially lame. As flirting approaches go, this one is considered the lamest. In fact, it's right up there with pick up lines when it comes to approaches that simply don't work.

“… however, there's one very important flirting tip you can learn from show business …”

But unfortunately, it's also one of the most common. That's because young adolescent guys will usually look to TV shows or movies for tips on flirting when they're just starting out (and are still at their most geeky, awkward stage).

So a "rookie error" like this one will immediately brand you as a rank beginner. And that's a real turn-off to most women, in the same way that you having had no previous job experience will tend to be seen as a real negative to most prospective employers.

Neither party will want to invest the considerable amount of time and effort needed to bring you up to speed.

flirting tips to ensure a warm welcome
Flirting tips to ensure
a warm welcome

However, there's one very important flirting tip you can learn from show business, and that's to "always leave the audience wanting more".

That's the key to holding an audience's interest and it's equally important when your "audience" is a desirable young lady who's flirting with you.

Most inexperienced guys will keep the conversation going until she breaks it off. If that's only a minute or two, okay. It's not necessarily a big problem in that case. But beyond some point, keeping the conversation going can become counter-productive.

Where that point actually is varies depending on the circumstances and how well the conversation is going. But it takes most guys quite a bit of experience to accurately judge just how well a particular conversation with a new prospect is going.

So if you're new to flirting,
here's a good rule of thumb

Two or three minutes should be enough for a first time flirting with a particular woman. At that point, you're the one who should then smile warmly and say the following:

  • That you've got to go meet with a friend, but ...
  • That it's been really nice chatting with her, and ...
  • That you hope to run into her again sometime

“… at that point, you can pick things up with her where you had left off the last time …”

Don't drag the conversation out until she tires of you. Leave her wanting more!

Then the next time your paths cross, you can catch her eye, smile (as if acknowledging a friend) and tell her "Hey, it great to see you again … how's everything going?" At that point, you can pick things up with her where you had left off the last time.

So where do you go from there? And what the heck are you supposed to say during that all-important first two or three minutes in the first place?

Please keep reading for many more flirting tips which can be applied to nearly all flirting, dating, relating and mating situations that arise.

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