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Pick Up Lines For Guys:
Myths and Realities


ick up lines for guys seeking women are as common as sand grains on a beach, and (to women) just as exciting.

In fact, pick up lines hurt your chances rather than help you. All these lines are nothing more than "by the numbers" marketing and will either bore her or cause her to erect her defenses against your obvious play for her favor.

pick up lines for guys make you look foolish
Pick Up Lines For Guys
Make You Look Foolish

Instead, we suggest avoiding the entire pick up lines for guys concept: Rather than approaching lots of women with terrible lines, instead entice interesting women to come to you. This means setting out some attractive bait that's more likely to intrigue her.

A subtle (but confident) approach will reel in far more female fish. And learning the right way to heighten her interest will ensure more of those fish will be willing to spend some quality time with you.

Once you understand that all common lines come across as "advertising" and that women will almost always tune out when you hit on them that way, you'll avoid the mistakes made by the vast majority of your competitors.

If you're a sports fan, you'll know that the winning team or player is normally the one who makes the fewest mistakes. Therefore when meeting women, you'll improve simply by:

  • Eliminating or at least reducing your use of counterproductive concepts such as funny or good pick up lines for guys, and
  • Gradually replacing poor strategies such with better ones we begin teaching you such as

    flirting lines instead.

Learn more about a better approach in the Flirting Tips For Men section of this site.