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Good Pickup Lines
Are Mostly Myths


omen looking to meet men aren't interested in hearing good pickup lines. That's because from a female standpoint, there really aren't any.

If you've heard a story from a friend about his reputed success with such methods (and then wondered why you never did anywhere near as well with his lines) the answer may surprise you.

Good pickup lines are redundant for men who are very good-looking, wealthy and/or famous, because they can use just about any conversation starter and do well. In those cases, it's less about what he says than how he says it: confidently and with positive body language that persuades women that he's the sort of man she'd like to spend more time with.

In fact, we'll wager that he'd enjoy similar success without his "magic" lines and in fact do even better with an improved flirting technique we share in our Flirting Tips For Men section.

What's more, you can do the same if you can wrap your head around the idea that a collection of great lines aren't going to do all the hard work for you. Instead, you need to understand how women think and learn what women really want, which is rarely what they claim they want.

It's actually remarkably simple once you understand a few basic rules and concepts and begin applying them. Forget about

good pickup lines and pick up lines in general and instead take a look at our flirting lines page.