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Cute Pick Up Lines
Don't Get Cute Results


ften, cute pick up lines are used by guys trying to appear clever even when they aren't. These lines may break the ice but not in quite the way you'd want.

After all, any girl who's attractive (or even halfway so) will have heard such lines many, many times before.

You won't stand out from the crowd with cute pick up lines like:

  • I'm going on a picnic this weekend. Want to come?
  • Here I am! What were your other two wishes?
  • I lost my phone number. Could I borrow yours?
  • Are you the girl from my future?
  • Have you planned our wedding yet?
  • I just won the lottery! (Reply) No, I just met you!

Of course, these aren't the worst lines we've come across, but they're not the best way to make a good first impression.

You want a woman to be genuinely curious and intrigued about you, not thinking defensively as she tries to escape from your clich├ęd seduction attempts.

Instead, we suggest taking a look at our Flirting Tips For Men or further reviewing why cute pick up lines don't work. Avoid being just another guy who's wasting her time and make an entirely different and positive impact.