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re you ready to minimize your dating pain points, stop wasting money, and dramatically improve your sex life and love life?

Act now: Our 481 page DRAM Program for Dating and Relationships (plus a 155 page series of final exams) is available to download right now in PDF format (zipped for your convenience).

For only $49.95, you can begin improving your dating results before you know it.

You’ll get The Theory Handbook (198 pages) … The Communication Manual (54 pages) … The Study Guide (229 pages) … and scored Final Exams for each volume (155 pages in total).

You’ll be confident, you’ll be able to make effective contact with the women you want, and you’ll stand a dramatically-improved chance of achieving the conquests you’ve always dreamed about by the time you’re a full-fledged Program graduate.

Still not convinced?

“After Three Months Of Depression,
I Read Your Book ...
My Attitude Totally Changed ...”

I just finished your entire book, and may I say it’s changed my whole outlook on the dating scene. The dating advice you give is right on the money, and I’ve been able to see it in examples in my own life.

One of my former girlfriends always told me that I was an Alpha male, I just didn’t use it to my advantage. I am a physician and I am fairly good-looking. There were times in my life when getting women was easy because of these things (I didn’t know it at the time, but your book made it apparent).

There were times however where I could feel the "magic" wearing off, but instead of dumping these chicks I would change my attitude and start whining about work, get depressed, act like a wuss ... I would become the Zeta male. Girls won’t take too much of this and they would break up with me. I’m not sure if I was doing these things consciously or subconsciously, but they were happening and true to your book, the girls would quickly get rid of me.

There was a recent relationship I had where this happened, and I was pretty devastated, because I think I did care about her a lot. The girl left me for another Alpha male, who has a reputation around town for being a lothario, but still she went off with him instead. After reading your book, it cheered me up and made me realize why those things happened, how I was unable to keep her around, and why she went off with someone else.

After three months of depression, I read your book ... my attitude totally changed. I carried myself once again like an Alpha male ... and now there are many women clamoring for my attention, including the ex’s brother’s girlfriend!

You guys have changed my life and helped me recognize what was already there, and helping me put into words what I could not totally figure out. So thank you.

I am now the lovable rogue ...

- Tom O., New Orleans, LA

“Best $50 I Ever Spent!!”

Your guide has changed my outlook and RESULTS dramatically. I thought that social life for a 47 yr old after a messy divorce would be TV dinners, beer with buddies, and Blockbuster videos. Au Contraire.

I have gone from an invisible zeta male to an object of great interest to many women, some of them fabulous looking. I will never nail the hotties on looks alone. But your program has shown me that attitude and behavior is equally or more important. Changing one’s outlook and behavior brings on huge changes in human response toward you. As with business, the more women you are seen with, the more women become curious about you and want to know who you are. The Social Proof principle is astonishingly powerful if you can harness it.

I have also learned from you and by observation that women are amazingly unhappy and in perpetual search mode. If you can create a little mystery about yourself, and get them to fantasize that you might be the really cool guy that they have been searching for, (even though you’re just you) Voila!! Thanks for giving me the tools to begin to develop this ability. While I am not Mel Gibson and never will be, my results have improved remarkably.

Gratefully Yours,

- Mike B., New Orleans, LA

P.S. Best $50 I ever spent!!

“Our ironclad guarantee
offers you full protection”

Not only will our exclusive DRAM Program for Dating and Relationships teach you more about women (and how to succeed with them) than anything else you’ve found anywhere else, we back up our offer with a problem-free guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with the unique insights, tactics, and strategies in the Program, our 60-day warranty guarantees your money back.

Your decision to buy the Program is totally risk-free. You truly have nothing to lose ...

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So there you have it. You want to get better results with women and you know it.

Please don’t let yourself down and let things continue as they are. If you’ve read this far, you’re not happy with the way things are going in your life right now. Our Program is a risk-free way for you to turn things around.

Do yourself a favor and act now.

Cordially yours,

Nick Thomas and Mack Doppler
Dating and Relationship Advice For Men