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Dating Advice For Young Men:
Get The Right Advice


ost dating advice for young men comes from three sources:

  1. Your parents
  2. Dating "gurus"
  3. Your buddies

How good is that advice? For the most part, not very. Let's examine why.

Any dating advice for young men that parents will give you is unlikely to get the results you're looking for because they've got a different agenda for you. You're a young man with raging hormones. You want to go wild, party and have lots of sex with lots of women, right?

dating advice for young men seeking girlfriends
Dating advice for young men
seeking girlfriends

But your parents (and society) see their role as curbing your animal impulses and instead grooming you for your "proper" future role as husband and father. They'll try to put you onto the "settling down" track, where you'll learn to sublimate your needs to those of your (someday) family. They're trying to break you to the saddle, not make you into a ladies' man.

“… advice from dating gurus is occasionally quite good, but much of what we've seen isn't …”

Dating advice that comes from dating gurus is occasionally quite good, but much of what we've seen isn't. Why is that? Partly it's because women buy most self-help content (including content related to dating and relationships) so many dating gurus pander to the more profitable end of the self-help market.

But it's also because of how a lot of the dating advice for young men is gathered. In particular, many dating gurus do research to find out what women want in a relationship which seems a logical way to approach the topic, right?

However, what kind of research do they do?

Surveys. They ask large numbers of women what they're looking for.

For studying opinions, surveys are a good technique. But for studying behavior, surveys work much less well. For one thing, people often answer survey questions dishonestly (that's why surveys always show that the average man has bedded far more women than the average woman has bedded men, even though that's a statistical impossibility).

Also, the way survey questions are worded makes a big difference in how useful the answers will be. For example, most men aren't actually looking to learn what women want, they're looking to learn what puts women into an love-making mood. Our goal is to get laid, not to spread joy.

So asking what women want
is asking the wrong question.

It would be like an employer asking what workers want (the answer would be big paychecks, short hours, several months of vacation each year, a company car, first class air travel, and so forth). What those employers really wanted to learn was, "What's the least I can get away with paying and still get halfway decent staff who will show up every day, work hard and put up with mediocre treatment?"

Survey-based data is therefore mostly useless. That includes surveys which include your male friends.

After all, how good will your buddies be at providing dating advice for young men (i.e. you)? Probably no better than the advice you could give to them. After all, they learned from the same types of sources as you. They also have "face" on the line and they're often competing with you for status as the alpha male in your circle of friends.

“… so they'll tell you they get great results and they'll make it sound easy …”

And so they'll tell you they get great results and they'll make it sound easy (even though they aren't and it isn't). That's not a winning path to success with women.

But where do you get some great advice on this most obsessive of male topics? This site will answer your most pressing questions and guide you on the right path.

We'll point the way for you with far more effective dating advice for young men as well as tips on many specific aspects of flirting, dating, seduction and understanding women in relationships.