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Dating Tips For Men:
Some Red Flags


ost dating tips for men focus on how to get her to connect with you, to want to see you again and to want to start a relationship with you. But for this article, we'll look at the other side of the coin … when should you cut and run?

Let's be candid: not all women are the picture of extreme psychological health. A sizeable number of them have what are euphemistically called "issues". For that matter, even normal (average) women can give you major problems.

dating tips for men to avoid unworthy women
Dating tips for men seeking
to avoid unworthy women

Occasionally you'll run into a woman who really is sweet and even-tempered … we've met several of them. You'll meet others who are quite pleasant for as long as three or four years (especially if they're "on their best behavior" in hopes of luring you into marriage). But those numbers are nowhere near as large as the number of women who are emotional roller coasters.

What do most guys do when "their" woman turns out to be one of the erratic ones? They put up with it. Endure. Suffer. They assume that "beggars can't be choosers". They're thankful that at least they still get laid now and then when she's in one of her "up" moods. They settle for crumbs.

And that's a miserable way
for a guy to go through life

We've endured girlfriends (and wives) like that and we simply won't do it anymore.

When we run into certain red flags nowadays, we'll drop her and look for a better catch. Here are some of those red flags:

  • Erratic mood swings
  • Insecure and clingy
  • Threats
  • Violence

The first of our dating tips for men is to be wary of wide mood swings. That doesn't mean she can't have a bad day now and then … few people avoid them entirely. But what percent of the time is she upbeat or in a good mood? If it's 90%, you're doing well. If it's 50%, you're not. And if it's 10%, why didn't you leave her a long time ago?

Also, what does she do when she's down?

“… we'd exit a budding relationship for either of the last two behaviors …”

  • Is she quieter than usual? That's fine.
  • Does she break all of the dishes in the pantry by throwing them on the floor, one after another? That's bad.
  • Does she talk about suicide? That's worse yet.

We'd exit a budding relationship for either of the last two behaviors.

The second of our dating tips for men is to...

Be wary of insecure
and clingy behavior

Few women are totally secure 100% of the time, so we're talking about a matter of degree here. And we're also assuming that you don't give her serious cause to feel insecure (e.g. by disappearing for several days and then showing up with lipstick on your shirt and a new venereal disease).

If she tries to get you to commit up front to marry her, to support her for life, to never look at another woman again (or if she seems extremely interested in whether you've ever cheated on a past girlfriend) … those are all enough to give us serious pause.

As would being asked lots of hypothetical questions ("Suppose I got into a terrible auto accident and was horribly disfigured … would you leave me?"). Those also indicate serious insecurity.

“… adopt a zero tolerance policy for violence toward yourself or herself …”

The third of our dating tips for men is to be wary of threats of violence, even if made in a seemingly joking way. So if she were to ever say, "I'd cut my man's dick off if I ever caught him looking at another woman", that would have us quickly heading for the door. That's an unbalanced woman.

And here's the fourth of our dating tips for men: adopt a zero tolerance policy for violence toward yourself or herself. If she slaps you, brandishes a weapon, or otherwise attempts to harm you or herself physically, leave immediately.

Don't give her a second chance … that's a serious character flaw and it will only get worse if you stay.

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