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Fast Flirting Secrets Revealed


e live in an increasingly fast-paced world, so why not practice fast flirting? After all, few guys flirt for the sake of flirting. Instead, it's a game we endure because we have to (if we want to get laid now and then).

Or so goes conventional wisdom, which in this case isn't so wise after all.

fast flirting and seduction
Fast flirting and
seduction tips

The idea of fast flirting appeals to men the same way as "get rich quick" schemes appeal to the greedy or weight loss plans that don't involve diet or exercise appeal to the overweight.

Of course, you may occasionally get lucky and end up in bed with a woman within an hour of meeting her for the first time. But that's more like speed seduction. And it usually means that she was already "ready to go".

For example, a woman who was just dumped by her boyfriend or husband (or discovers her boyfriend or husband in bed with another woman) will often "whore around" a bit afterward. Partly it's revenge sex to get even with the guy who dumped her or cheated on her, and partly it's a way to show herself that she's still desirable to men.

That's quite a common scenario

... and -- if you're the next halfway interesting guy to come along -- you may be the beneficiary of this interesting phenomenon. But if so, it almost surely wasn't exceptionally skilled flirting on your part that got you into bed with her so quickly. You were simply "in the right place at the right time" (and had a pulse).

There are a few other factors which also increase the odds that you'll quickly end up in bed with a woman you've only just met:

  • Are you famous? (groupies don't need a lot of wooing to wear down their resistance)
  • Are you exceptionally handsome? (extreme male handsomeness is an aphrodisiac for many women)
  • Is she unusually bored? (women will do more to combat extreme boredom than for almost any other reason, excepting money)

“… in any of those scenarios, you'll get very fast results from fast flirting techniques …”

In any of those scenarios, you'll get very fast results but it won't be from using any fast flirting techniques. In effect, women dispense with the "flirting" stage altogether in these scenarios. It's like getting a bye at Wimbledon.

But absent circumstances such as the ones above, women draw out the flirting process because it's in their interest to do so. After all, flirting is something of an initial job interview (for the "job" of you possibly becoming their future sweetheart), and it takes them a while to decide how impressive you are and how good a pick you'd be for that role.

And so the reason why most women
won't practice fast flirting is...

... that the more time they take to evaluate you, the lower the chance that they'll make a mistake from having misjudged your plusses and minuses.

However, the longer they take to evaluate you, the higher the chance that another woman get there first.

And therefore, women who are flirting have to balance the risk of deciding too quickly (and possibly ending up with an inferior choice) and deciding too slowly (and possibly watching a superior choice slip through their fingers).

“… accelerate her selection process by conveying the impression that your interest in her is starting to wane …”

This can be played to your advantage, of course. A clever way to accelerate her selection process is to convey the impression that your interest in her is starting to wane a bit and/or that other women are also becoming interested in you.

But that takes an especially deft touch and most guys can't pull it off unless they're very experienced and also quite knowledgeable about women. (We'll examine that topic more closely in our Seduction section).

Check out our fast flirting and seduction articles for more material on this more advanced subject.

But otherwise we suggest learning more about flirting in our Flirting Tips For Men section as you need to learn to walk before you can run.

However, there's an even more direct approach to improving your fast flirting skills. Flirt Mastery delivers exactly what the title promises and we wholeheartedly recommend it to our readers. You can check out our review here...

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