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Flirting At Work:
Just Say No!


t's easy to understand the appeal of flirting at work. After all, once you've left your school years behind, you spend what seems like most of your waking hours over the next several decades working. You won't have the time (or even the energy) to do a lot of socializing outside of work, especially if your job requires a lot of traveling or long hours.

What's more, the women in your office are convenient. You're there for many hours every day, and so are they.

flirting at work is not a good idea
Flirting at work
is not a good idea

And since you'll be in the same office day after day, even shy guys eventually work up the nerve to flirt with some of the girls at work. They're there, and as Hannibal Lector said in Silence of the Lambs, "We covet what we see".

And on top of that, women at work tend to get bored now and then (even more than men do), especially if they're doing repetitive clerical or secretarial tasks. So some of them may decide that the idea of working for a living isn't all it's cracked up to be, and they'll be thinking a lot more about finding "Mr. Right" at the office.

Therefore quite a few of women will not only be open to flirting at the workplace, but they'll even initiate it either out of boredom or to home in on interesting "prospects".

“… therefore quite a few of women will not only be open to flirting at the workplace, but they'll even initiate it …”

Flirting at work is much easier to do than in any other setting, after all. In fact, a surprisingly high number of married couples originally met at work.

Meeting, flirting with, dating and then marrying someone you meet at work is the courting version of picking the low hanging fruit. Even shy guys that normally wouldn't have the "game" to pick up women in more challenging settings can eventually manage to woo women at their workplace. It takes the least skill and effort to do.

But is flirting at the office
a smart thing to do?

Decades ago, yes. That was how most people hooked up. If it worked, you got a mate. And if it didn't, you got an occasional dirty look from your ex-girlfriend when you bumped into each other at the office for the next few months after that.

But not today. America has an extremely litigious legal system and recent decades have brought the rise of strident feminism and a huge expansion in the definition of what constitutes "sexual harassment". And as a result, flirting at work has become a very bad idea. For men, that is ...

“… and as a result, flirting at work has become a very bad idea …”

After all, women don't have the same legal downside except in very unusual circumstances.

Companies often get successfully sued for allowing "harassment" to occur, so increasing numbers of them have established policies prohibiting employees from dating each other. And even if your employer doesn't have an explicit employee dating policy, it's not uncommon for them to fire the man involved as part the settlement negotiated with the woman.

flirting at work is tempting but unwise
Flirting at work is
tempting but unwise

It's been said that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and that's quite true. And in today's work and legal environment, not only can she take revenge through the legal system, she might even collect a six-figure settlement for her trouble. As a result, it can be tempting to some women to game the system by luring an unsuspecting guy into flirting at work and then to file a complaint, call an attorney and look forward to a nice payday (while he gets the boot).

As a result, flirting at work is becoming the career equivalent of playing Russian Roulette: you're risking your job (and perhaps also your career) if you should guess wrong. And at the risk of sounding "unromantic", we don't consider any woman to be worth losing your job or ruining your career over. There are more women in the world than there are men in the world, so look elsewhere.

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