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Some Fun Date Ideas
You Should Consider


ne reason why men search for fun date ideas is because they've figured out that "fun" often means something a little different to women than to men. If it didn't, then guys would already know what date idea to suggest: "Let's get naked and party!"

Oddly enough, that line actually works every once in a while. But if you're at all unsure of yourself (or if you try it on the wrong woman), you'll find that it's not the best of possible date ideas for you to work with.

fun date ideas you'll both enjoy
Fun date ideas
you'll both enjoy

So let us give you some more promising fun date ideas. Here are several categories:

  1. Standard fare
  2. "What's On Around Town"
  3. Exotic fare
  4. Physical activity dates
  5. Libido dates

Standard fare means the usual date ideas that shy guys typically come up with. And probably the two most common date ideas are dinner and the movies (or both). Those aren't bad choices, but they're a bit limiting and clich├ęd.

A good place to start looking for more fun date ideas is in your local newspaper (or on the internet), many of which will have a "What's On Around Town" column. Not everything listed will necessarily be ideal events to take a date, but some are likely to be. Exhibits? Fairs? Those can be good choices.

A special category of date ideas is something we call "exotic fare". Depending on where you live, there may be an unusual venue that could work especially well for dating. In places we've lived over the years, for example, we've seen:

  • Frog jumping
  • Turtle races
  • Bed races

These can be once a year or once a week, but if you can find something exotic like that in your area, it is likely to be an especially good choice for taking a date. Such events tend to have quite a party atmosphere and this should make it easier for both you and her to get into the spirit.

One of the best fun date ideas
is a physical activity date

And if you're like many shy guys, you probably feel awkward on dinner dates because you have some trouble keeping the conversation going smoothly. If so, then one of the best fun date ideas is a physical activity date. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • Hiking
  • The beach
  • A water park
  • Rock climbing
  • River rafting
  • Ice skating
  • Roller skating

Physical dates work well by getting your body (and hers) moving, they provide some structure and there are so many possible variations. If you're a real klutz (e.g. you can't stay on your feet for more than two seconds on skates) or are physically unfit, physical dates aren't the best fun date ideas. But if you can handle them, they offer numerous benefits.

A special note
on libido dates

And what we call libido dates are a special category of fun date ideas. These cover activities that are stimulating in a way that improves your chances for sex afterwards. In effect, the activity is a form of foreplay. We've found three activities that can have that effect on women:

  • Horseback riding
  • Female kickboxing
  • Shooting ranges
some fun date ideas to try
Some fun date ideas to try

There is something vaguely erotic to many women about riding horses. So if you're into riding, try it as a date idea. It's worked well for us.

The absolute best libido dates we've been on involved a club in a city we lived in some years ago: it offered female kickboxing every evening. A couple of waitresses would volunteer to get up on stage, get suited up with gloves and a small amount of padding in spots, and then try to beat the stuffing out of each other for three minutes. The winner was selected by crowd acclamation and got prize money.

“… we discovered that women can get more turned on by watching two other women beating on each other than from almost any other activity …”

We discovered that women can get more turned on by watching two other women beating on each other than from almost any other activity. As foreplay goes, it's marvelous. You could tell by looking around the room that every women there was "feeling it". And it wasn't unusual to have our dates tugging at our arm at the end of the match to suggest "Why don't we skip dinner and go back to your place? We can eat later."

The third "libido effect" venue is one we've learned about from our buddies: a shooting range. On numerous occasions, friends of our have taken women down to a shooting range to fire guns at targets. And they report that this also triggers a noticeable libido effect. However, we personally haven't tried this type of libido date as something about women getting excited firing guns gives us some pause, especially when the time came to break up with them. We're just reporting what we've heard on that one, thank-you.

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