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How To Pick Up Women:
Seduction Mastery


he art of seduction mastery means knowing how to pick up women. And in theory, this shouldn't be an overly daunting task… but only if you approach the challenge like a salesman.

Any salesman can tell you that not every sales call results in an actual sale being closed. Depending on what he's offering, he may have to knock on many doors for each sale he ends up making.

So how do salespeople
get around that challenge?

Simple … they knock on lots of doors.

And guys who know how to pick up women follow that same strategy. That's because not all women you approach will say yes (regardless of how good your game). Therefore, seduction mastery in part also requires knocking on lots of doors.

how to pick up women and have fun doing it
How to pick up women
and have fun doing it

That's easy advice to give but, for many guys, it's difficult advice to follow. Not because it doesn't make sense but because most shy guys find the prospect of approaching lots of women downright terrifying.

Therefore a guy who's too intimidated to approach lots of women will generally focus on only one woman at a time -- and he keeps trying with her even if he's not making any real progress. That's his way of trying to minimize the number of rejections he gets.

However, that doesn't have to be the case. If he can bring himself to approach lots of women anyway, he'll soon lose his fear of being rejected (even if he does get rejected often when doing it). Scientists refer to that process as "systematic desensitization": confronting your fears by repeatedly doing what you do fear will quickly reduce the intensity of those fears.

“… approach all ten without fear and enjoy whichever one you end up connecting with …”

So guys who know how to get women practice "casino logic". If, say, one out of every ten women they try to seduce ends up bedding them and if they don't get stuck in the mindset of having to bed a specific woman out of those ten, then they can approach all ten without fear and enjoy whichever one they end up connecting with.

That's one of the ways to improve your seduction mastery. Approach many women and don't get hung up on having to succeed with a specific one. Let it be a surprise.

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