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Relationships With Women:
Using Your Most Important Power


here's a fairly large amount of fairly worthless information on relationships with women made available to men. That's unfortunate when you consider that most guys find relationships with women to be the most complex of all problems, and therefore they're eager to learn any shortcuts they can.

It might surprise you that a high percentage of the worthless advice comes from women. They're keen to feed men misinformation to maintain their own advantage. And therefore much of the content written about relationships with women is female-centric. A lot of it can be paraphrased as ...

"Do more for women … and
expect less from them in return"

common problems during relationships with women
Common problems during
relationships with women

So for the first decade or two after puberty, it's an unequal contest. Young guys have a veritable circus going on in their shorts. They're desperate. They're confused.

And so at that age, women are better at playing the waiting game and better at keeping men off-balance. At times it can be almost painful for older men with a lot more experience to watch younger guys grovel desperately in hopes of ingratiating themselves with women who are clearly unenthused about their advances.

“… but a big part of the reason why she's unenthused about him is because he is groveling to her …”

The "typical" guy doesn't realize it yet, but a big part of the reason why she's unenthused about him is because he is groveling to her. Such demonstrations of weakness very quickly dry up any interest that she might have begun developing toward him had he not seemed desperate.

And oddly enough, some young guys have sensed this. They'll admit if asked that their approach is not getting them many dates. But they'll continue trying the same approach, hoping to "get lucky" eventually.


The usual explanation is that
"Beggars can't be choosers"

Women are the gatekeepers (for sex) and therefore guys assume that they have no alternative other than doing what she asks or wants, in hopes that she may do "something nice" for him in return.

But that interpretation is incorrect. Women have evolved to want successful men, and successful men are not weak men. Display weakness and you fail the test.

Do women have a big advantage over men at that age? Sure. But what many young guys don't realize is that women don't hold all the cards, even at that young age. And here's why: the entire structure of male-female relations ultimately depends upon male willingness to play the female's games. As a result, all unmarried men have at least one type of power in the battle of the sexes:

Veto power!

You can always just say "no" and walk away if needed.

No doubt you did the same thing when you were a kid playing with the neighborhood kids around town: if you didn't like the arrangement, you took your ball and went home. No ball, no game.

The same dynamic applies to relationships with women. Relationships also require two participants: no balls, no game.

Try it for yourself if your efforts at starting relationships with women are yielding dismal results. At some point in a conversation with a new girl, disagree with her on something. Or if she asks you to do something lame, tell her "No". Women are designed to prefer men who have testicular fortitude, so show her some.

“… the most powerful word in the English language is 'No' …”

Ultimately, the most powerful word in the English language is "No". Add it to your vocabulary today.

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