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The Secret Of Seduction:
Finding The "Sweet Spot"


key secret of seduction is effective targeting. Most sales organizations are well-versed in targeting their product or service to the particular market segments most likely to be interested in it.

Those same marketing principles also apply to seduction, with you being the product or service being marketed.

A secret of seduction finding the sweet spot
A secret of seduction:
finding the sweet spot

It's common for guys to rate women on a scale of "1 to 10" based on their looks and desirability. (Incidentally the same scale can be applied to guys as well, and women often do so even when complaining how "objectifying" it is to be assigned a number by men).

But here's the thing: because guys are logical, they generally assume that the lower the woman's rating, the easier it will be to bed her (in the same way that lowering the selling price for something should make it easier to sell).

But they'd be wrong, as women's minds
are not programmed that same way

This means that price comes down to "supply and demand".

If, for example, 75% of guys are shy and they all assume that the women who they'd rate as a "3" would be the ones likely to be most appreciative of them (because they seemingly have so few other options), then women rated "3" would become the most in demand, and therefore would become the most particular in their choice of man.

“… And ultimately those guys would be more likely to strike out with a "3" than with higher rated women! …”

And ultimately those guys would be more likely to strike out with a "3" than with higher rated women!

That really does happen in life: plain girls often get many more offers than many of the prettier girls. In fact, based on our observations over the years, the women in the lower rating levels tend to get quite a bit more male attention than their looks would warrant, as so many guys are all trying for the same (they think) low-hanging fruit.

And therefore, one important secret of seduction is to not target the low end of the rating curve. That end is actually far more competitive than it logically should be.

Should you go to the other extreme
and aim for women rated "10"?

That's also a "no", unless you're quite skilled at seduction. The hottest guys tend to target the women at the "9" and "10" end of the curve, so your chances tend to be slim there as well.

The "sweet spot" is somewhere around a "7" (plus or minus 1). Girls at this level are pretty enough to scare off nearly all shy guys, but not so pretty as to attract the true alpha males. Of course, that can vary from one place to the next based on local conditions, so you'll need to do some "re-calibration" to find the sweet spot where you are.

And that's ultimately a very useful secret of seduction: avoiding the most competitive ends of the curve and focusing your efforts where they're most likely to generate maximum results.

For more information on applying this secret of seduction or other secrets of seduction, our main Seduction page has much more material available.