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Seduction Games:
Fun For Women,
Less So For Men


ost men hate seduction games. Why? Because we're goal-oriented, and the goal (for men) of seduction is to get laid. We're eager to get where we're going, especially when we're young and there's a circus going on in our shorts.

But seduction games seem the equivalent of "taking the scenic route" without a roadmap ... with most of the available roads being dead ends.

seduction games occur constantly between men and women
Seduction games occur
constantly between
men and women

And that's not fun for us. That's why guys will sometimes suggest to the woman they're attempting to seduce, "Let's skip the games".

But very few women will agree.

Why is that?

Because they see the idea very differently. They can get laid anytime they want (although not necessarily by the specific guys they may be lusting after the most). They control the game, and so they can play it as long as they find it interesting and then stop when they're tired.

Why do women like these games so much? In part, these break up the boredom in their lives. Also, women have evolved to find it exciting for men to want them "that way".

But even more importantly,
the seduction game
is a way to test him …

  • How much crap will he put up with from her before he starts losing interest? Alpha males will put up with far less abuse than would a lesser male, for example. So she can test your desirability level just by "jerking your chain" to see how you respond.
  • Is he confident? Successful men always are.
  • Is he a quick thinker? Women often throw "curve balls" to see how fast you can think on your feet, just as job interviewers do.
  • How does he handle stress? The only way for her to learn that is to give you some stress so she can see what your hot buttons are and how hard she can push them.

And so on …

A woman skilled at seduction games
can quickly learn an awful lot
about a new guy this way

And very few women will give up that opportunity.

So if you (like most guys) dislike this verbal dance, what should you do?

Based on all we've seen, the most common male response is to minimize the stress of seduction games by minimizing the number of seduction attempts that they make. This means that …

  • They'll tend to stay with the woman who's sleeping with them (until she decides to end it) so that they don't have to try seducing another woman. This is the romantic equivalent of staying in a lousy job to avoid the stress of looking for a better one.
  • Once the last girl they've been with ends it, they'll wait for weeks, months or even years before going out and trying to seduce someone new. This is the romantic equivalent of getting fired and then working through your savings (and available credit) before starting to look for a new job.
  • They'll stay with the first girl they can successfully seduce after that, no matter how suitable (or unsuitable) she might be as "girlfriend material". This is the romantic equivalent of taking the first job offer you get since "you need a paycheck".

Why you should improve
your own seduction game

In other words, they focus on minimizing the number of seduction attempts and therefore chances to be rejected.

Instead they could be maximizing their enjoyment (i.e. getting laid more often by better women) and that's the better strategy: improve your own seduction game.

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense, so use some of the same tricks that women are so fond of playing on you:

For example... rather than just responding to her "curve balls", why not toss a few of your own in the other direction?

“… use some of the same tricks that women are so fond of playing on you …”

That will make the game more interesting for her and it will also make you seem like a more worthy opponent. After all, once you learn how to play them well, it's the games that make life more interesting.

And in the final analysis, that's what separates human sex from gerbil sex: we can play more interesting games.

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