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Worthless Seduction Tips:
Three Tactics You Don't Need


here are many good seduction tips, enough so that no one article can be comprehensive. Therefore, this page provides tips on seduction to address three wrong turns beginners often take. To avoid sabotaging your seduction efforts, consider how these concepts can make or break you:

  • Ice-breakers
  • Flexing
  • The "pity card"

An "ice-breaker" is a simple concept: in a social setting, most people play it cool until they get to know you and it's that coolness that needs breaking to move from stranger to friend (or lover). For example, at some parties, the host or hostess may structure games designed to break the ice between the shyer guests.

But if you want to seduce women...

You usually have to
break the ice yourself

helpful seduction tips don't be a clown
Helpful seduction tips:
don't be a clown

Many shy guys do that by using a prop as an ice-breaker … wearing an orange beret, puffing on a corncob pipe, carrying a guitar case or whatever. The possibilities are endless, but the aim is to wear or carry something eye-catching. That way, women will (he hopes) notice the odd item and comment on it.

If so, then it's she who starts the conversation. And that's why this approach appeals to shy guys: if it works, it relieves him of the intimidating prospect of having to start the conversation.

“… you won't seem interesting -- instead, you'll seem peculiar …”

But does it work? Not often. One reason is that this approach is used almost exclusively by guys with no "game" and thus it's a marker for less desirable men. A second reason is that most items chosen as ice-breakers are lame … we've actually seen one guy wear "clown shoes" as his ice-breaker.

So with this tactic, you won't seem interesting -- instead, you'll seem peculiar.

As seduction tips go, therefore, relying on a prop for an ice-breaker is a weak tactic. If you observe guys who are skilled at seduction, they don't need ice-breakers. Instead, they confidently walk up to women and say "Hi!"

The second of our seduction tips is to...

Avoid flexing

That's another way to say "throwing your weight around" in an effort to demonstrate that you actually have some authority.

New managers or military officers are especially prone to this (it's often called "the young lieutenant's syndrome"). When you first get to boss other people around, the initial tendency is to go overboard. But successful executives (and officers) soon learn that bullying is counterproductive and they switch to finesse.

However, young guys trying to hit on a new woman will often flex in an effort to show that they're someone important and therefore not to be trifled with. They're attempting to impersonate what they think an "alpha male" acts like.

If they're at a bar or club and a waitress comes by to get their drink orders, for example, they may chew out the waitress for being too slow, for not groveling, for not getting the drink order exactly as he wanted it ... or whatever.

“… flexing is another marker for lower-ranking guys and it creates an impression of being emotionally unbalanced …”

Does flexing work? Not at all. Flexing is another marker for lower-ranking guys and it creates an impression of being emotionally unbalanced. In seduction as in life, bullying is a sign of weakness.

As seduction tips go, therefore, don't bully "the little people" … you won't impress your quarry.

Don't play the pity card

Playing the pity card is another of the seductions tips that some beginners stumble upon and try. It involves telling her about his troubles:

  • How his parents did him wrong when he was growing up
  • How his boss treated him shabbily
  • How past girlfriends (or wives) treated him like dirt
  • His many health problems
seduction tips don't invoke the pity card
Seduction tips: don't
invoke the pity card

Why do that? The hope is that she'll feel sorry for him and then give him some "pity sex" to cheer him up.

However, the pity card is the lamest of all seduction tips. We've never seen it work. Quite the contrary … women always react with utter disgust.

Women evolved to prefer successful men, so it's hard to imagine a faster way to turn her off than to clearly demonstrate that you're exactly the opposite of what she's looking for.

So if anyone giving you tips on seduction suggests using ice breaker props, bullying others or playing the pity card, ignore their advice.

Why not start learning truly effective seduction tips instead? Continue to the main Seduction page.