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Seduction Tips For Men:
Avoid Women Who
Play "Hard To Get"


ost seduction tips for men focus on "what to do", which is a necessary part of the process. But too little focus is placed on "what to avoid". And therefore many guys end up spending too much time, money and effort trying to seduce the wrong women.

After all, not all women will be receptive. And those who are receptive will be interested only some of the time and under certain circumstances. Therefore, one of the most important seduction tips for men is to avoid obvious dead ends.

Of course...

Nothing is "obvious"
to guys just starting out

So in this article we'll focus on the seduction "dead end" which is the easiest to recognize (and then avoid).

seduction tips for men avoid dead end women
Seduction tips for men:
Avoid dead end women

That "dead end" is women who simply have no interest in you. They may let you chat them up and try your best to seduce them, and they may even string you along for weeks or even months when they have no interest in ever putting out for you. But all you'll be doing is feeding their egos.

What snags most inexperienced guys here is that they get two concepts mixed up:

  1. She's playing "hard to get"
  2. She's not interested

What's tricky is that both alternatives look the same: she behaves as if she's disinterested in you.

How can you tell the difference?

You can't.

Therefore, guys who are low in self confidence tend to give themselves the benefit of the doubt and assume that she's just playing hard to get. And since it's so hard for most guys to work up the nerve to hit on a new woman, they'll keep trying with that particular woman (just in case) rather than starting all over again with another one.

Is there really such a thing as a woman "playing hard to get"? Sure, that used to be fairly common before the sexual revolution began in the 1960's. It's much less common today, but the practice underwent a revival starting in 1995 due to a book published that year ("The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right").

Essentially, that book is a guide which teaches women how to play games to manipulate men (ideally into marriage). And that's not an appetizing prospect if you're male.

“… all the women we've seen play "hard to get" were not interested in those particular guys …”

But it also seems to disappoint many of the women we've seen try the "Rules" strategy … it sometimes works to ensnare guys who aren't good catches, but does quite poorly at ensnaring guys who are more confident (and therefore won't put up with being treated like dirt). It catches the wrong guys.

We've also noticed that all the women we've seen play "hard to get" were not interested in those particular guys in the ways they'd truly want. That is to say, these were shy guys who had good incomes and the women had ticking biological clocks -- the guys were viewed as useful financial "beasts of burden" by women who were anxious to get a guy (any guy!) to the altar.

Romance and/or lust
didn't factor into it

These women didn't feel strongly attracted to their targets as they were primarily viewed as "sperm banks with checkbooks".

However, when a guy came along who actually did turn them on, they dispensed with "hard to get" to avoid letting a "good one" get away.

One of the most useful seduction tips for men, therefore, is that if she's playing hard to get with you, then she's not interested in you. What's more, it makes no difference as to exactly why she's disinterested or how she shows it. It's a waste of your time to even bother trying to find out.

Instead, walk away and try another woman.

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