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How To Improve Your
Sensual Seduction Results


ou might know that Sensual Seduction was the censored title (the original title was Sexual Eruption) for a Snoop Dogg song late in 2007, but we'll be using that phrase in the descriptive sense instead.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "sensual" as: "relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite". And therefore, the concept of sensual seduction in everyday language means to seduce a woman by turning her on.

sensual seduction over dinner
Sensual seduction over dinner

How does a guy seduce a woman by turning her on? That's another complex and nuanced topic but there are four simple techniques that you can use to begin learning the art of sensual seduction:

  1. speech pacing
  2. voice pitch
  3. eye contact
  4. mental mindset

Speech pacing just means how fast you talk. And guys normally talk fast. We're in a hurry to get things accomplished -- and that's especially true when we're horny and are trying to seduce a woman.

But fast talk doesn't work well
when you're trying to turn her on

It will sound to her pretty much the same as the evening news or if her boss was giving her more work to do. It will also make you seem a bit desperate. And none of those are a turn-on for her.

So slow it down when you're in seduction mode. Of course, it's possible to talk too slowly (if your delivery is reminiscent of comedian Steven Wright, then you're talking too slowly). But most guys who aren't skilled at sensual seduction talk too fast, not too slowly. You also tend to talk faster when you get nervous (as many guys are when trying to seduce women).

“… speak only two-thirds as fast as you would in a normal conversation …”

Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to aim to speak only two-thirds as fast as you would in a normal conversation. You can fine-tune the speed as you gain experience, but that's a good starting point for most guys.

Voice pitch means how high or low your voice is. Men have lower voices than women by about an octave, on average. And women have evolved to prefer lower voices.

But nervous men tend to speak in a slightly higher pitched voice than when they're relaxed. And women will most definitely pick up on that marker.

Therefore, it's helpful if you take a few deep breaths before approaching the woman you'll be trying to seduce, as that tends to relax your voice a bit and therefore makes it a bit easier to keep your pitch from rising. (Slowing down your rate of speech also makes it easier to keep your pitch from rising, so there's a double benefit.)

The importance of eye contact

Eye contact is another tool at your disposal during sensual seduction. The trick here is to hold the eye contact a bit longer than you otherwise would, as that's a form of subtle domination. We'll hold eye contact until she breaks it off, but guys just learning how to seduce women tend to be a bit uncomfortable holding eye contact that long.

If that's you, aim for a 50% increase in how long you hold eye contact before looking away and then you can build on that as you gain more experience at sensual seduction.

sensual seduction fantasy springs from eye contact
Sensual seduction fantasy
springs from eye contact

And lastly, mental mindset just means what you're thinking about while you're talking to her. Most shy guys are so terrified of being thought a "pervert" by women that they go to the opposite extreme and come across as eunuchs. But seeming totally asexual isn't helpful when your goal is to turn her on and make her feel sexual.

Then again, you don't want to go to the other extreme. Being crude also tends to kill the ambiance with many women during seduction.

And that's where "mental mindset" comes in: without saying or doing anything sexual, you can convey a bit of sensuality by imagining a more sexual image. Our usual trick is to imagine what she looks like with her clothes off.

That doesn't mean looking down at her breasts or crotch (women will spot that instantaneously) or letting your tongue hang out like you're drooling. Maintain eye contact and a very slight smile, and continue talking with her slowly with as low and resonant a voice as you can comfortably manage.

We've tried seduction both with and without a proper mental mindset and we've found that having the right mental edge gives a nice boost to our batting average.

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