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Where To Meet Girls:
Strategies That Work


f you're wondering where to meet girls, the first rule is to be visible. Miss Right won't come knocking on your door … you'll have to go out and find her. Thanks to the Internet, you have the option of meeting women online, but that's a mixed blessing.

Here we'll focus on where to meet girls offline. You'll need to go to places where women are, but not all places that women frequent are good places for most guys to meet them.

Paradoxically, places where women go to get picked up (such as discos) tend to be the hardest for many guys to work successfully. If you have the sort of good looks that attract women like flypaper (and therefore you do well in discos), then continue to enjoy that buffet.

learn where to meet girls
Learn where to meet girls

But if you're only average in appearance, women in discos are an especially tough audience. So we recommend that you save discos for someday when picking up women has become so easy for you that you want an extra challenge.

Let's approach the problem (of where to meet girls) broadly. There are two general strategies for finding women:

  1. Seeking women where women are plentiful
  2. Seeking women where men are few in number

Most guys gravitate to the first strategy

The theory behind it is the Law of Large Numbers: if one out of every 100 women is likely to take a shine to them, then the solution is to hang out somewhere that has at least 100 women.

You'll hear this advice from relationship advisors and dating coaches: Hang out where there are lots of women. And they'll recommend to women that they hang out where there are lots of men.

For women, that can be good advice. For men, it's not such good advice.

Here's why: life grades on the curve. And therefore, you'll be perceived by those women based partly on how you compare to the other men in the vicinity.

That can be a problem: the more men who are there, the higher the chances are that some (and perhaps many) of them will look more desirable. Maybe they're taller and better looking. Maybe they're more confident and suave.

And the women there will
gravitate to those men

We recommend the second alternative for where to meet girls until your skills are better: seeking women where men are few in number. The fewer the other men around, the better your odds are for seeming a decent catch by comparison.

“… the fewer the other men around, the better your odds are …”

And what's more, if you choose a venue to meet girls in which competing men are few in number and there are also more women than men, then that imbalance will trigger the competitive instincts in the women who are present.

Because there are now not enough men to go around, some of those women will not be chosen by a man. In effect, you'll be playing musical chairs with the women who are present, and you get to be one of the chairs.

night school is where to meet girls
Night school is
where to meet girls

Women are fiercely competitive with other women, so that will work in your favor. After all, women enjoy few things more than taking a man away from another woman.

Of the possible places for where to meet girls, one of the best from this standpoint is to take one of the extension classes offered many community colleges. These are courses usually offered in the evening or on weekends and are aimed at adults who would like to learn more about a subject.

“… you can even go one better: teach a college extension class …”

Some are career-oriented but many are creative or artistic, such as drawing, sculpture, photography, dance, certain sports and certain hobbies. We've found that creative and artistic courses are excellent for meeting women, as they usually have all of the prerequisites:

  • Most have more females than males
  • Women don't go specifically looking to get picked up, so their defenses won't be up
  • You'll be together for many sessions, so you'll have time to get some of the women interested in you
  • And if nothing romantic comes from the class, you'll still learn an interesting new skill that may help you get other women interested in you in the future

If there's a college or university near you, see whether they offer such classes and sign up for one that appeals to you. You'll stand a good chance of meeting several new women under close to ideal conditions.

You can even go one better: teach a college extension class if you have expertise in a suitable area. That will make you the alpha male in that classroom.

And we can tell you from personal experience that it's an excellent strategy to implement.

Check out our main Dating page for more on where to meet girls (and how) or for ideas on improving other aspects of your dating game.