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Flirting Tips For Men,
Including Why Flirting
Is So Important


omen are masters at flirting but they rarely reveal flirting tips for men. In fact, truly effective flirting tips for guys are few and far between on the Internet.

The reason for this is simple: why should women dilute their competitive advantage?

And that's where we come in: we provide flirting tips for men which actually work.

Let's look at the basics first:

Q: Why is flirting so important to women in the beginning stages of courtship?

A: It's a relatively easy way for her to express interest in a man and to gauge how much interest he has in her.

flirting tips for men when observing women
Flirting tips for men
when observing women

Women crave male attention, if you weren't already aware.

But there's a catch -- she'll use ambiguous signals so she can salvage her pride if he doesn't respond favorably to her flirting signals.

So she'll sometimes use flirting to elicit signs of male interest even if she has no real interest in him in particular. To her, it will be seen as being just harmless fun. It's a game.

But that ambiguity confuses most men. If it's you in this situation, you're wondering:

  • Is she interested and do I have a chance to take things further with her by responding?
  • Is she not interested (and playing a game with me) and therefore am I likely to be humiliated if I take the bait?
  • Or is she just having a light conversation to pass the time and not really flirting at all, which will also mean rejection if I misinterpret that idle chit-chat as being a come-on?

While you're agonizing over which
scenario is the most likely,
the moment will have passed

While you're agonizing over which scenario is the most likely, the moment will have passed. She'll interpret your indecision as meaning you have no interest in her or that you're not comfortable around women.

Either interpretation will cause her to lose interest in you very quickly. So by the time you do respond, any interest that she had will have faded.

Because "time is of the essence", it makes good sense to respond to her flirtations in real time, i.e. before that window of opportunity has closed. But most guys procrastinate because they fear being rejected and possibly also humiliated.

One way to reduce that fear is to be prepared. One of our many flirting tips for men is this one:

Have a come-back ready

Not all women will be seeking to humiliate men, but the ones who do are looking for that "crushed" reaction. As with any other bully, this demonstrates their power over the victim.

So the best response is to NOT give them the response they're seeking.

For example, you can give her a half-grinning, half-puzzled look and say "Is that your best shot? Geez, you're even less experienced at this than I thought." And then walk away shaking your head and chuckling a bit, as if you're marveling over how weak her game was.

“… it also makes good sense to learn how to recognize some of the flirting signals women send …”

It also makes good sense to learn how to recognize some of the flirting signals women send and how to differentiate between actual interest and just "fishing for male attention."

If she seems to be a bit nervous when flirting with you, it's more likely that her interest is genuine.

But she may make a really obvious hint, such as adopting a sad look and sighing "I have no one to love me". If so, then the odds are good that she's just looking for ego strokes (especially if she's better looking than most women who would talk to you).

And in that case, she'll move on as soon as you've taken the bait. Your role as her victim is over.

Fortunately, we have many more flirting tips for men which can be applied to nearly all flirting, dating, relating and mating problems that arise.

So if you're looking for practical flirting for guys advice and for other strategies to improve your dating game, you'll find this site a great resource.

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