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Harmless Flirting ...
Or Is It?


armless flirting (or innocent flirting) is a female concept. You won't normally hear men using either phrase (or even the word "flirting" itself, for that matter) in normal conversation. We don't think in those terms, after all: those are terms that women have come up with to describe their behavior.

But women routinely define all their flirting to be harmless flirting.

harmless flirting equates to no genuine attraction
Harmless flirting equates
to no genuine attraction

So why would they need to add either qualifier (harmless or innocent)? Why not just call it "flirting" then?

Two words: "guilty conscience".

The logical opposite would be harmful flirting. So when a woman describes her flirting as being harmless flirting or innocent flirting, that's really just a mechanism for her to protest her innocence if the other party (that's us) feels deceived or "used".

And why would men feel deceived
or used when flirting with women?

Because there's a significant element of "bait and switch" in the flirting process. To get you to spend your time chatting them up and acting like you think they're beautiful, fascinating and desirable, women will typically imply a much greater degree of interest in you than they really have.

In other words, they'll act as if you have quite a decent chance of bedding them later (if you play your cards right, of course) when often that's not the case at all. They're just stringing you along so you'll waste your time flattering her even if she intends to do nothing for you in return.

That's a parasitic arrangement, not harmless flirting.

And that's why her flirting with you has to be ambiguous and subtle. Otherwise, she won't be able to entice you to make a play for her but then still be able to claim later (with a straight face too!) that she hadn't enticed you. You simply "misinterpreted her signals". You read too much into them. She never said (in so many words) that you had a chance.

“… does that sound like a scam? Itd should …”

So in other words, she didn't do you wrong, you're just not very perceptive. It's not her fault for being a prick teaser, it's yours for being clueless.

Does that sound like a scam? It should. But women having been getting away with this trick for longer than history's been around to record it. And they get away with it because they're in the power position. They control our access to sex.

And so most men begrudgingly put up with it (in the same way that you'd begrudgingly put up with working in a lousy job if you couldn't find anything better). After all, if you don't have a lot of good alternatives to pick from, then "beggars can't be choosers".

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