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How To Seduce Women:
Marketing Yourself


earning how to seduce women in part means knowing how to market yourself. You're the "product" being "sold". And any salesman can tell you that it's a lot easier to sell products that you honestly do believe in. If you're sold on it, then you'll be far more successful selling it to your customers too.

So... do you believe in yourself? It's a tough question to face up to, because if you did, you wouldn't be shy around women. After all, shyness around women is mostly just the fear that they'll deem you to be unworthy.

And that's the main reason why so many guys who don't know how to seduce women hit on women who aren't desirable. They assume (incorrectly) that unattractive women will be much more appreciative that he (or in fact any guy) is hitting on them. After all, beggars can't be choosers, right?

But this is ultimately a
self-defeating seduction strategy

Even if that approach did work, what would be the result? You'd end up with a woman who does not turn you on. You won't enjoy that and neither will she -- in fact, she'll be sure to let you know in a variety of unpleasant ways that she's not satisfied.

how to seduce women with self confidence
How to seduce women
with self confidence

So one of the core concepts when learning how to seduce women is: To seduce better women, you need to convince yourself that you deserve them.

It's extraordinarily difficult to fake it if you don't believe in yourself, so the better tactic is to convince yourself that you really are a worthy catch.

That doesn't mean mimicking the "self-esteem" craze where just saying "I'm perfect" somehow means it must be true.

Take an honest inventory of yourself: what are your ten best qualities? And if you hem and haw at that one, that's your first challenge:

Identify and sell yourself
on "what's great about you"

Most shy guys who try this exercise can (with some effort) eventually list a number of qualities that sound positive. And that's a good start.

However, it's not quite that straightforward, as women don't think and feel the same way that we do. So things that sound like positive qualities to a guy (e.g. "I never complain, no matter what") might not sound as positive to her (she'll think "Wuss!" rather than "Wow, that's my kind of guy!").

“… identify ten things about yourself that would appeal to women …”

So the next step is to identify ten things about yourself that would appeal to women.

And if you can't come up with any compelling reasons why a woman would want you, what can you change about yourself so that you would be more desirable to women?

It's not necessary to try plastic surgery, as there are far less drastic steps you can take to make yourself more interesting. The easiest, for example, is to dress a bit more stylishly (women notice those things). But more broadly, the best way to seem more interesting to women is to live a more interesting life yourself. Get out more, go places, do things, meet new people, try new experiences.

If you're counting on finding a woman who will make your life interesting, then you're putting the cart before the horse. It's the "interesting life" that will attract the woman, not the other way around.

We show you a lot more about how to seduce women in the rest of our Seduction section.