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Recognizing Common
Signs of Flirting


any men don't recognize common signs of flirting and so they often misinterpret female flirting efforts as being literal conversations.

If she initiates a conversation by saying, "It looks like we may get some rain later today", more than a few guys will respond with, "Actually, the barometric pressure is rising slightly now, so it should remain clear."

In other words, he'll answer as if she's actually interested in the weather (rather than in him). He'll completely miss her intent, which was to begin a conversation that will let her get to know him a little better, subtly evaluate his dating potential and see how far things progress.

We bet you've missed
quite a few of these flirting signs
already, haven't you?

If so, it's a common experience. Now you're better prepared and here's what to say when you spot signs of flirting:

  • It doesn't really matter what you talk about! What's needed is that you and she talk about something so that she can size you up.
  • What's more, if you're at a loss for words she may even help keep the conversation going with you.
  • And one of the most common signs of serious flirting is that she initiated the conversation.

“… by the way, that doesn't mean you should wait for women to start conversations with you …”

(By the way, that doesn't mean you should wait for women to start conversations with you. On the contrary, start conversations whenever an interesting opportunity arises. But also respond appropriately when interesting women chat you up. Either way can work well.)

You no doubt remember your teenage years when your parents had the annoying habit of always wanting to know where you went and what you did while you were away. Those were conversations you didn't want to keep going. You wanted your privacy and you wanted to misbehave a bit (without getting caught, hopefully).

So you gave the shortest, closed-end answers you could get away with:

signs of flirting seriously
Signs of flirting seriously:
watch them and learn

Q: Where'd you go?
A: Out.

Q: Out where?
A: Just around.

Q: Who'd you go out with?
A: The guys.

Q: What did you do?
A: Talk.

Q: About what?
A: Stuff.

And so on ... Getting details from you was like pulling teeth. It was a conversation you didn't want to have, so you were dragging your feet the entire way.

Women work the same way

If you get those sorts of minimal answers when you chat up a new woman, she's not flirting with you. Instead, she's letting you know that this is a conversation she does not want to have. Exit gracefully and look for someone who's giving off more promising signs of flirting.

And what might those be? Let's examine how do women keep conversations going when they're flirting. The most common ways are to:

  • Ask questions requiring open-end answers, and
  • Give longer open-end answers in return

If you're relatively new at flirting and are perhaps a bit shy, women who are interested in you may recognize this and help you along by combining both methods: when answering a question, they'll end each answer by tacking on a "follow up" question.

“… but either way, that's one of the more reliable signs of flirting …”

But either way, that's one of the more reliable signs of flirting: that she's making some effort to keep the conversation with you going.

We discuss more signs of flirting here in a companion article and offer many more tips and other advice which can be applied to nearly all flirting, dating, relating and mating situations that arise.

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