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Some Signs Girls Are
Flirting With You


uys who are inexperienced at flirting often don't pick up on signs girls are flirting with them. But it's an easy skill to learn with some practice.

For example, the first of the signs a woman is flirting with you is that she's actually talking to you. But not all conversations represent flirting, so let's exclude strictly utilitarian conversations, such as those intended solely to convey factual information. Here are two examples:

signs girls are flirting
Recognize the signs
girls are flirting
  • If you're working the counter at a fast food restaurant and she gets to the front of your line to order a combo meal, she's probably not flirting with you. She's just telling you what she'd like to buy for lunch that day.
  • If you're manning the help desk at a major computer company and she phones you about a hard drive problem, she's also probably not flirting with you. She's just trying to get her computer working again.

But most other types of conversations you'll have with women you've just met are likely to have an element of flirting to them.

However, you may spot signs girls are flirting with you even in role-related conversations such as these if:

  • There are few or no other customers waiting to be served,
  • She's feeling a bit bored, and
  • You look even remotely interesting

The fact is, women flirt a lot. They're almost always interested in meeting new and interesting guys, even if they already have a boyfriend. And therefore most conversations you have with women will involve flirting.

Here's another of the signs
girls are flirting with you

They agree with you (or at least act fascinated) when you say something.

However, if she ridicules your comments or puts you down, that's a pretty clear sign that she's not flirting with you. She's already decided that she has no interest in you, and therefore she doesn't want to waste her time flirting with you.

“… here are some possible responses she might make …”

Let's look at an example: you chat up a girl and tell her that you have every James Bond movie on DVD. Here are some possible responses she might make (and what each one means):

Response #1: "What a sexist movie series! Every James Bond has been a male chauvinist pig!"

Interpretation: She's not interested at all. Not only is she not into you, she wouldn't be any fun even if she did agree to date you. (After all, she's sharply denigrating your tastes. What's more, this is pretty much at the top of the list for comments which are not signs girls are flirting with you.)

Response #2: "Only a real loser would want to watch that crap!"

Interpretation: The same as the previous interpretation. She's not flirting with you, and would be a real pain in the backside anyway. (Since she's putting you down, and none too subtly either. Women who respond so negatively are poor percentage bets and therefore we'd move on without further ado.)

Response #3: "I like the exotic locations they pick for the James Bond movies."

“…She's just rocketed past the flirting stage into the seduction stage… ”

Interpretation: She's flirting with you. (That's because she's trying to present a positive image by picking an aspect of the movies she can compliment. It really is that simple!)

Response #4: "Wow, I love James Bond movies! Maybe if you have a free evening some time, I could come over and cook you a nice dinner. And after dinner, we can watch a couple of the movies together."

Interpretation: She's just rocketed past the flirting stage into the seduction stage … we like your odds!

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